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Find the perfect social media strategy for your business, achieve your goals and inspire your users! Our tips will help you.

10 Successful Social Media Strategies for Valentine’s Day

What social media strategies do companies use to attract more customers around Valentine’s Day? There are many holidays throughout the year: Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter. All of them are about family, friendship and love. However, only one special holiday uses hearts, teddy bears and roses to convey the idea of everlasting love and happiness: Valentine’s Day! Are you ready for it? Have you bought the perfect gift for your dearest one? These are some of the many questions […]


Social Media Strategy

Posting at irregular intervals is not a strategy for your social media marketing. To achieve measurable results, you need a solid social media strategy. If you are active on several channels, you should also modify the strategy for each channel.

The first step in your social media strategy is to define your goals. For this, you need to consider the problems and usage behavior of your target group. Typical goals in social media marketing are to generate sales, to offer fast customer service or to increase the interaction rate. Based on these, you derive a general strategy and various measures. Ideally, these are intended to be long-term.

Trends are constantly emerging in the area of social media strategy. These can be new channels such as TikTok, for example, or methods such as social shopping. If trends are well suited to your goals, it makes sense to incorporate them into your strategy.

In this category, you'll learn what elements you need for a good social media strategy. Practical tips and best practices help you get started right away. In this way, you can build up a profitable social media presence long-term and provide your target group with genuine value.