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The Psychology of Social Media Management – Download our free eBook!
The Psychology of Social Media Management – Download our free eBook!

Consumers build brands. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that companies need to go the extra mile in order to nourish their perceptions and expectations with trustworthy brand experiences. In order to acknowledge at all times the current and potential needs of their audience, companies have turned to human psychology and how this impacts consumer behaviour. In other words, companies are leveraging psychology in order to better understand what could determine consumers to buy their products or services once they feel or perceive the need for it.

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Fortunately, social networks provide plenty of information about what consumers want or hope for, and can even draw a picture of what inspires them. When you base your social media marketing research and strategies on human psychology, everything becomes clearer.

If brands want to interact and build meaningful relationships with their audience, they must first grasp the psychology principles that drive action:

Focus on an Aspiration / Want

Social media posts that include the word “want” develop a desire in readers’ brains that empowers them to act according to their aspiration.

“Why?” Provide Explanations

As you probably remember from your childhood, children love listening to explanations. The same applies to adults. The word “why” is one of those trigger words you can use in your own social media marketing messages. When you use “why” readers immediately want to search for the answer to a question.

Include Your Audience in What You are Doing

One way of improving your social media engagement is by including your audience in what you’re doing. Leverage every opportunity to get them to participate in whatever it is that you’re doing, while constantly implementing their feedback and suggestions.

Create Problem-Solving Content

In a world where everybody wants to get value, if your content solves the problems of the readers, they’re likely to share it with their audience. Always create your social media messages so that they convey a sense of giving. You can do this either by providing a solution or by saying something that resonates with the readers.When you share something valuable to the community, they will thank you for it. Plus, helping others is always a kind thing to do!

Trigger Loyalty through Reciprocity

Since people oftentimes feel obliged to help someone who has previously helped them, reciprocity works really well on social platform like Twitter and Facebook. Before asking for anything from their audience, companies must make sure that they have established a two-way communication. Fans may be more likely to respond to a company’s request if it previously helped him or her solve a specific problem.

Tap Into the Fear of Missing Out to Drive Immediate Action

People are more likely to complete an action without giving it much thought when they feel they may be missing out on something valuable if they don’t react quickly. Facebook, for example, recommends adding urgency to the copy using the prompts like “free shipping, this weekend only,” “12 hour flash sale,” and “two days left” to drive engagement.

Trigger Curiosity

People are more likely to want to find out more if they see a gap between what they know and what you promise they can learn. An experiment by fMRI found that that people’s brain activities increase when faced with a question that triggers their curiosity, which makes them more engaged with a specific topic.

The Psychology of Social Media Networks

The Psychology of Social Media Management – Download our free eBook!Download our latest eBook and learn about the psychological characteristics of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest users. Learn what works on every specific platform and how you can use psychology to convert and satisfy your community on social media. With a better understanding of your audience’s behaviour, you’ll able to target your strategies and campaigns far more effectively!

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