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It’s pretty clear video is a top priority for Facebook Marketing in 2015, so today we’re excited to launch support for Facebook video in! Starting today you will find a new option when adding “Attachments” in the composer – choose “Video”, upload a video file from your local harddrive and your good to go.


Notice: Facebook currently limits video posts to 20 minutes duration and 1 GB file size (any uploaded file that exceed one of this limitations will not be published). Depending on the video size, the actual publication time of video posts might be slightly delayed (due to the time it takes to transfer the video from to Facebook).

Attention: this feature is currently in Beta – if you want to try it out give us a shout at!

[trial]Start Scheduling your Video Content today![/trial]

As always, we’re happy for your feedback on this new feature! Comment below or send us an email at!


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