Gain Competitive Advantage by Using Powerful Social Media Monitoring

Never miss a conversation about your product, your industry or your competitors. Be there, when your community is talking about you!

1 Monitoring & Listening

Listen to what others are saying about your brand on social media

With social media monitoring and listening, is adding a powerful feature to the Ticket Inbox. Listen to what people on social media are saying about your brand, products, competitors or any industry related topic. Be there, when relevant communication is happening and step in to grow your relationships with people.

Listen to what others are saying about your brand on social media

Delight your customers

Track customer service related mentions and delight your customers with pro-active responses!

Gain competitive advantage

Know what's the talk about your competitors and use it to your advantage.

Generate more Leads

Discover potential customers by monitoring relevant industry keywords on different channels.

HOW DOES IT WORK? We're partnering with Ubermetrics, a market leader in social media monitoring based in Berlin, Germany. Ubermetrics is processing over 50.000 relevant documents per minute in over 70 languages and is therefor well prepared to handle even large queries!

WHAT DOES IT COST? Social media monitoring is available in different volume plans and will be charged as an optional add-on to There's no initial setup cost. Please contact us if you're interested!

2 Query Builder

Relevant search results require great search queries

Using our flexible, yet user-friendly Query Builder, you can easily create and modify keyword-based search queries – PhD in Social Media Monitoring NOT required. Need more power? Use our advanced query language and go crazy with dozens of operators!

Relevant search results require great search queries

Variations and misspellings

Find all mentions of your brandname - not just those which follow your CI guideline.

Advanced Query Language

Exclude languages, cascade constraints and get aquainted with the powerful NEAR operator.

Need help? We're there for you!

Our worldclass customer service team will help you get started with Social Media Monitoring!

3 Ticket Inbox

Respond to monitoring results with our battle-proven Ticket Inbox

Tracking conversations on social media is one thing – responding to the relevant ones in an efficient way is the other. Our Ticket Inbox includes all the tools and workflows to manage social media results within your team.

Respond to monitoring results with our battle-proven Ticket Inbox

Discuss & assign

Every monitoring result can be discussed and assigned to the right person on your team.

Join the conversation

Respond to monitoring results straight from the Ticket Inbox! Use pre-defined templates to save time.

Never miss a thing

All monitoring results are archived and available through fulltext search and tagging.

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