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Team Lead

Create a top-notch technology infrastructure for a high-performing social media team and work together in one digital environment as easy as you can setup a meeting.

Social Media Manager

Keep your daily work balanced with structured ease and gain more time for creative ideas and new campaigns to achieve your personal and business goals.

Agencies &

Juggle a variety of customers and social media tasks and collaborate internally and externally with a clear overview while saving resources for new opportunities.


Support your customers quickly and goal-oriented. Our clearly arranged inbox allows you to keep track of all comments, posts, mentions, and direct messages.
Our favorite Success Stories

Structured. Efficient.

imat-uve Team Kommunikation


Tom Dauber and his colleagues are taking care of the social media marketing of imat-uve. His team needed a reliable tool for better teamwork and found everything they wished for in
Erfolgsgeschichte Stern TV Titel

stern TV

stern TV focuses strongly on interaction with their social media community. Thanks to, the team keeps a clear overview, even when there are many requests in community management and in stressful times.
Mona Joya Zucchini Lasagne Crop

Mona Naturprodukte

Mona Naturprodukte is a food company best known for its milk alternatives like "Joya". The social media team has found a perfect match in for managing social media campaigns and community inquiries.
Agenda Austria Menschen

Agenda Austria

Agenda Austria is using social media to create buzz among the public for relevant topics. The team is partnering with to maintain the perfect overview when engaging with the social media community.

Oesterreichische Nationalbank

Maria-Elisabeth Faulmann and Carmen Sohm are responsible for social media marketing at the Austrian National Bank. They bring the established institution to life on social media and create internal trust with
Salzburg AG WhatsApp

Salzburg AG

Sarah Haider is in charge of the WhatsApp customer service at Salzburg AG. WhatsApp is an essential channel for the customer care team, but not exactly easy to handle. By using the team is able to work in a structured way, provide clear answers and react fastly.
Meteo Schweiz Social Media

Meteo Schweiz

Cesare Annecchiarico is a social media manager at MeteoSwiss, the meteorological service of Switzerland. The team found a way to efficiently communicate in three official languages on social media and grow their reach by using

Ă–sterreichisches Patentamt

Christina Nettek is part of the marketing team of the Austrian Patent Office. Together with her colleagues, she is presenting the office in a dynamic and interesting way on social media. By using, they are able to collaborate in a structured way.
Ă–sterreich 2020: Das Rote Kreuz im Einsatz

Ă–sterreichisches Rotes Kreuz

The Austrian Red Cross is using to connect employees and volunteers working with social media for the organization all across the country. By using, they turned one of their biggest challenges into a strength. The central content planning tool enables them to share important information with regional communities.
Therme Erding Social Media Outdoor

Therme Erding

Therme Erding is the world's largest spa located near Munich, Germany. The social media team ist using to implement an elaborated content strategy and to attract guests to the spa.

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