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No matter if it’s a spontaneous newsflash or the daily weather report at 7.00 am. With the shared calendar your team keeps the perfect overview of all WhatsApp channels. Plan and publish your WhatsApp communication, along with all other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Co, in our content planning calendar. is offering WhatsApp management for 🇩🇪 Germany, 🇦🇹 Austria and 🇨🇭 Switzerland.

Our simple content calendar gives you the perfect overview of all scheduled and published posts. Plan your content on WhatsApp and other channels and collaborate with your team. Easily assign, tag, reschedule and approve posts in just a few clicks. Smoothly handle incoming comments and customer requests using the central ticket inbox. Never lose track of anything in community management with the integrated activity log and the easy assignment of tickets. Analytics keep you up-to-date on everything that happens regarding your posts and community, as well as your team members’ performance, and delivers the most important metrics at a glance!

At, we offer far more than a simple social media tool - we’ve got great solutions and amazing features! You get the complete solution for customer service on WhatsApp. Send and receive private messages easily and get feedback on your newsletters. We collect all private messages & replies from your community in real-time. Whether customer inquiries, complaints or feedback - with the shared inbox your team keeps track of all of them. We support you in having real conversations, just like WhatsApp does.
Our clear content calendar gives you the perfect overview of all scheduled and published posts. Plan your content on Facebook and other channels and collaborate with your team. Easily assign, tag, reschedule and approve posts only using a few clicks. Perfectly handle incoming comments and customer requests using the central ticket inbox. Never lose track of anything in community management with the integrated activity log and the easy assignment of tickets. The analytics section shows you the growth of your community, the reach of your posts and offers sentiment analysis. Always keep up-to-date about your performance and see the most important metrics at a glance!

We at offer even more great features than a simple Social Media Tool. You get a fully integrated social media monitoring, a user-friendly social customer relationship management, automated task execution and - drumroll, please - (probably) the world’s best support team to help you whenever any questions or problems pop up. Learn more about how to make your work easier and even better with our Social Media tool for Facebook and schedule your personal demo now!

Your WhatsApp Management: What you’re missing out on right now, and how will fill that void

  • 📋 Planning and scheduling posts in collaboration with your team
  • 📣 Creating broadcasting messages for your subscribers
  • 📥 Easy SMS registration without typing in a phone number
  • 🏎 Reliable and fast delivery of WhatsApp messages
  • 😎 Support of emojis and photos for better click through rates
  • 📊 Including click tracking and performance analyses
  • 📫 Direct communication within the central ticket inbox

Your next Social Media love story

Features You Will Love for Managing Your WhatsApp List


Plan and publish a variety of WhatsApp formats

Communicating with your subscribers can sometimes be challenging. We support you in mastering content planning and broadcasting text, image and audio messages on WhatsApp. You decide on the format and whether you want direct communication, broadcast to special interest groups or send out a Newsflash to your entire subscribers list.

Managed WhatsApp List Service

Whether you want to have a list with all your subscribers or segmented channels by topics, together with our partner atms we’ve got you covered. Benefit from over 15 years of experience in mobile communication and messaging. The managed service of atms keeps your subscriber’s data well structured and safe, without any extra setup cost!

WhatsApp community management with a single ticket inbox

Capture all messages from your WhatsApp channels with one tool. Our single inbox allows you fast response times and efficient forwarding of tickets to the team member in charge. Seamlessly follow all conversations and receive email notifications and updates. Always stay up to date – any type of exchange with your customer is well documented.

Analyse and assess your social media performance

Social media analytics are important to measure the success of your efforts. The analysis and assessment delivered by gives you a detailed overview of the numbers and developments of your community, such as which content performs best on which channel at which time, how your team is doing in community management, and statistics for individual tags.

Support to swoon over, always by your side

If you have a great idea for a new feature, feel lost with something or are unable to find a specific feature, our support team is happy to help you. Genuinely nice people with lots of know-how are responding within a few minutes on average. Needless to say, we are treating everyone equally, with care and professionalism, no matter if you are already our customer, or just getting to know us.

Put your data in trusted hands

You care about your data? So do we, which is why we are storing your data in two redundant data centers in Vienna, Austria operated by our ISO/IEC 20000-1 certified IT partner. In addition, certain data is stored via Amazon Web Services in a data center in Frankfurt, Germany. We adhere to several self-regulatory frameworks, including the GDPR, and review our compliance regularly.

How does WhatsApp Management with work?

We have integrated WhatsApp into together with our partner atms. With 15 years of experience in mobile communication services, atms ensures that your subscribers' data is always secure and protected. Bonus: If you want to switch to another service, simply take your subscription data with you!

What does WhatsApp Management with cost?

The WhatsApp integration is available in different package sizes starting from a basic monthly fee of 50 EUR and 5 Cent per subscriber. There is no setup fee.

The Very Best of our Customer Success Stories


“We call our community managers Fanlovers - simply because it requires a healthy dose of love for the community to do a good job! To service those 1.5 million fans of our customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland not only with love, but in a fast, reliable and efficent way, a professional tool is absolutely essential! With we found a convenient, user friendly solution with good customer support.”

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“With a rapidly growing Facebook community, we were challenged in finding a suitable Social Media [Management] Tool that allows us to provide professional customer service in every way [possible]. Today we're handling all customer requests through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram with Even with several departements, locations and channels involved, allows us to react quickly and keep track of all conversations. Day by day, we prove that great customer support in Social Media is possible – thanks for the great cooperation!”

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Hitradio Ö3

“We are very proud to have an highly active and engaged community. Very often we receive hundreds, sometimes even thousands of comments to our posts. On top of that our customer care team has to handle several hundred requests for songs and other types of posts on our facebook wall daily. All of those community reactions are coordinated in with the right people internally. And as you can imagine it is more than crucial for us to always react quickly while still track all steps taken.”

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“At Burda Intermedia Publishing our team has been successfully using to manage more than 40 social media channels for BUNTE, ELLE, InStyle and other magazines for the past year. The custom integration with our editorial CMS allows us to publish hundreds of posts every day in an efficient and steady way. ensures smooth collaboration between all the people involved in the posting process. As our social media unit acts as an interface between many other departments, the ticketing feature is a perfect tool to guarantee the efficient customer service we want to provide on our social channels. A huge plus:'s 24-hour-customer service: The team can be contacted anytime and immediately takes care of any problems we might encounter.”

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“Our agencies' experience in managing social communities and blogs for more than 40 national and international brands, contributed to the development of in an essential way. Thanks to our custom version of, we have the unique ability to keep track of planning, community management and performance-measurement of all the brands in a structured way - at any time. Covering the whole complete workflow, is crucial for keeping the approval- and service-process transparent and efficient.”

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Austrian Red Cross

“At the Austrian Red Cross we are focusing on a combined national and regional strategy for Social Media. We have several channels addressing the local regional communities directly and some channels targeting people on national level. By connecting those channels in we are not only able to interchange knowledge between the teams, but also able to react swiftly in case of larger emergencies or disasters – like the floods in 2013.”

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stern TV

“Facebook is an important channel to stay in close contact with our audience. Our posts sometimes receive thousands of comments, and during our first year after setting up the page, we've received more than 10,000 private messages. Our viewers have very unique & individual concerns. enables us to keep track of all messages and ensure that all requests are answered by the right member of our team.”

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“We've been successfully using Monitoring in since the early beta days. Set up of search queries was easy with the help of's customer support team. We can now track mentions of our product- and brandnames in the same inbox we're already using for managing our own social media channels! We even were able to run our hashtag contest #fritz2go with!”

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Feature by Feature

  • 🚶‍♂️ Show activity index and interactions of individual users with social media channels
  • 🏷 Individual tagging function of tickets / users for better categorization
  • 📑 Upload any file format up to 25MB in the activity log
  • 😎 Inbox ticket for posts where my page was mentioned in the comments
  • ✂ URL Shortening Options (No, with own account, without own account)
  • 🐥 All the benefits of the Twitter Enterprise API
  • 📩 Export function for content calendars as XLSX or PDF
  • 🐡 Client Member Management incl. rights system
  • 🤗 Ticket Inbox Support for Facebook Recommendations
  • 🔢 Link Clicks Metrics / Analysis for Content / Posts
  • 🥰 Integrated customer relationship management with clear functions
  • 🦉 Ticket Watching: posts you didn’t edit yourself can be watched and guided
  • ✨ New calendar (better performance, Duplicate Posts, Tag Posts, Post Workflows, Date Picker, Views, Jump to Day, ...)
  • 😴 Snoozing of tickets for later processing
  • 🤓 User statistics to determine the efficiency of team members
  • 🔥 Push messages in the tool and via email incl. setting options for which user should be notified when
  • 🙊 Automatic GDPR ticket deletion
  • 👤 Tagging of individual posts with user-defined tags for priority levels for Support and statistical evaluation
  • 🏊‍♂️ Excellent usability and proven workflows at all levels
  • 👨‍💼 Instagram Reach Analytics for Instagram Business Accounts
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