Extend your Social Media Management to WhatsApp!

Manage WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Co. from one dashboard! Broadcast messages to your community and engage in realtime private messages.

1 Plan & Publish Messages

Schedule and publish WhatsApp messages - in a shared calendar

Whether newsflash or daily scheduled weather report at 7am. With Swat.io your team always has perfect overview on all your WhatsApp channels – right next to Facebook, Twitter & Co.

Schedule and publish WhatsApp messages - in a shared calendar

Grow your community

Sign up subscribers more easily – no need to type in phone numbers.

Reliable & fast broadcasts

Get your messages sent out in time to all subscribers – 100% Newsflash-proven.

Optimize your messages

Use Emoji & Photos for better click-rates. Click tracking included.

HOW DOES IT WORK? We' are partnering with atms to integrate WhatsApp support into Swat.io. With 15 years of experience in mobile communication services, atms ensures your subscriber data is managed reliably & safely. Plus: If you decide to switch services, simply take all subscribers with you!

WHAT'S THE COST? WhatsApp integration is available in different volume plans, with with the smallest package starting at a basic fee of EUR 50/month and 5 Cent per subscriber. There’s no initial setup cost.

2 Never miss a customer request

A complete solution for customer service on WhatsApp

Swat.io displays all private messages & replies from your community in realtime. Customer requests, complaints or feedback – with the Swat.io inbox your team will stay ahead.

A complete solution for <br> social customer service

Engage with your community

Receive and reply to private messages & replies.

Delivered in realtime

Natural conversation flow – As your community expects on WhatsApp.

Never lose track

The inbox makes sure no request goes unnoticed.

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Starting at…
€300 Monthly excl. VAT
  • Community Management
  • Customer Service & Ticketing
  • Content Planning & Publishing
  • Monitoring & Listening
  • Analytics & Performance
  • Unlimited Channels
  • Unlimited Posts