Manage Social Media as a team

Plan and approve your content marketing strategy.
Streamline your community management.

3 steps to improve your social media work:

1 Plan ahead

A calendar to provide
a structured overview visualizes all upcoming postings in
a single calendar. Your team arranges, approves and publishes all postings together.

Schedule Postings

Plan your upcoming weeks for all major social media channels.

Keep overview

See which posts are planned. Rearrange them whenever needed.

Work as a team

You decide who has access and can collaborate.

2 Work together

An editor to write collaboratively enables your team to discuss, draft and approve each post collaboratively. will automatically track each change.

Discuss and decide

Each posting can be discussed by the whole team.

Approve each posting

Keep clear workflows and approve all postings before they go live.

Document every step

Every change or discussion is automatically tracked.

3 Never miss a request

A complete solution to
manage customer care fetches all comments, posts, mentions and direct messages in all major social media channels.
It aggregates everything into one queue, so that you can work efficiently and involve your customer care team whenever needed.

Receive everything

We fetch any social activity and alert you via email.

Discuss & assign

Every activity can be discussed and assigned to the right people.

Never lose context

We track each action taken so that everybody is always up to date.


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Enterprise License
per Brand

Unlimited Channels
Unlimited Users

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Success Stories

Albert Malli, Hitradio Ö3
Vice Director

We are very proud to have an highly active and engaged community. Very often we receive hundreds, sometimes even thousands of comments to our postings. On top of that our customer care team has to handle several hundred requests for songs and other types of posts on our facebook wall daily.… Read more All of those community reactions are coordinated in with the right people internally. And as you can imagine it is more than crucial for us to always react quickly while still track all steps taken.

Sabine Hoffmann, ambuzzador
CEO & Founder

Our agencies experience in managing social communities and blogs for more than 40 national and international brands, contributed to the development of in an essential way. Thanks to our custom version of, we have the unique ability to keep track of planning,… Read more community management and performance-measurement of all the brands in a structured way - at any time. Covering the whole complete workflow, is crucial for keeping the approval- and service-process transparent and efficient.

Gerald Czech, Austrian Red Cross
Head of New Media

At the Austrian Red Cross we are focusing on a combined national and regional strategy for Social Media. We have several channels addressing the local regional communities directly and some channels targeting people on national level… Read more. By connecting those channels together in we are not only able to interchange knowledge between the teams, but also able to react swiftly in case of larger emergencies or disasters – like the floods in 2013.

Marlies Brandstetter, Bipa
Marketing Manager Online

Our Facebook page is one of our largest Social Media channels and one of the largest national Facebook communities in beauty and home care in Austria. With over 100 messages a month, it has become a relevant channel for customer care as well.

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