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Team Lead

Create a top-notch technology infrastructure for a high-performing social media team and work together in one digital environment as easy as you can setup a meeting.

Social Media Manager

Keep your daily work balanced with structured ease and gain more time for creative ideas and new campaigns to achieve your personal and business goals.

Agencies &

Juggle a variety of customers and social media tasks and collaborate internally and externally with a clear overview while saving resources for new opportunities.


Support your customers quickly and goal-oriented. Our clearly arranged inbox allows you to keep track of all comments, posts, mentions, and direct messages.
Our favorite Success Stories

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“We call our community managers Fanlovers - simply because it requires a healthy dose of love for the community to do a good job! To service those 1.5 million fans of our customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland not only with love, but in a fast, reliable and efficent way, a professional tool is absolutely essential! With we found a convenient, user friendly solution with good customer support.”

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“With a rapidly growing Facebook community, we were challenged in finding a suitable Social Media [Management] Tool that allows us to provide professional customer service in every way [possible]. Today we're handling all customer requests through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram with Even with several departements, locations and channels involved, allows us to react quickly and keep track of all conversations. Day by day, we prove that great customer support in Social Media is possible – thanks for the great cooperation!”

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Hitradio Ö3

“We are very proud to have an highly active and engaged community. Very often we receive hundreds, sometimes even thousands of comments to our posts. On top of that our customer care team has to handle several hundred requests for songs and other types of posts on our facebook wall daily. All of those community reactions are coordinated in with the right people internally. And as you can imagine it is more than crucial for us to always react quickly while still track all steps taken.”

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“At Burda Intermedia Publishing our team has been successfully using to manage more than 40 social media channels for BUNTE, ELLE, InStyle and other magazines for the past year. The custom integration with our editorial CMS allows us to publish hundreds of posts every day in an efficient and steady way. ensures smooth collaboration between all the people involved in the posting process. As our social media unit acts as an interface between many other departments, the ticketing feature is a perfect tool to guarantee the efficient customer service we want to provide on our social channels. A huge plus:'s 24-hour-customer service: The team can be contacted anytime and immediately takes care of any problems we might encounter.”

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“Our agencies' experience in managing social communities and blogs for more than 40 national and international brands, contributed to the development of in an essential way. Thanks to our custom version of, we have the unique ability to keep track of planning, community management and performance-measurement of all the brands in a structured way - at any time. Covering the whole complete workflow, is crucial for keeping the approval- and service-process transparent and efficient.”

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Austrian Red Cross

“At the Austrian Red Cross we are focusing on a combined national and regional strategy for Social Media. We have several channels addressing the local regional communities directly and some channels targeting people on national level. By connecting those channels in we are not only able to interchange knowledge between the teams, but also able to react swiftly in case of larger emergencies or disasters – like the floods in 2013.”

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stern TV

“Facebook is an important channel to stay in close contact with our audience. Our posts sometimes receive thousands of comments, and during our first year after setting up the page, we've received more than 10,000 private messages. Our viewers have very unique & individual concerns. enables us to keep track of all messages and ensure that all requests are answered by the right member of our team.”

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“We've been successfully using Monitoring in since the early beta days. Set up of search queries was easy with the help of's customer support team. We can now track mentions of our product- and brandnames in the same inbox we're already using for managing our own social media channels! We even were able to run our hashtag contest #fritz2go with!”

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