Social Media Community Management for All Your Channels in a Single Inbox

Start the dialogue with your fans and followers and answer all inquiries and comments in a single inbox. Community management and social customer service has never been easier.

Clear communication in a single inbox

The single ticket inbox is your universal mailbox for all comments, posts, mentions and private messages on your social media channels. It enables fast response times and the efficient assignment of tickets to the responsible team member. Follow all the conversations consistently and receive updates through email or in-app notifications. Since each action in the communication with the customer is logged, you'll always stay up-to-date.

Fast response time for crisis communication for all networks

Rough times require fast response times. With the proven community management solution of, you will never miss any comments, posts, mentions and private messages on your social media channels. Quickly react to inquiries in crisis communication on all supported networks.

Coordination and collaboration as a team

Communication and cooperation of teams requires a lot of overhead work. Especially in community management, where you might need input from multiple sources. Use the proven workflows for coordination and collaboration with your teammates, across teams and with external consultants to quickly and efficiently receive the right information and answer inquiries on your social media channels in a qualified way.

Integrated social customer relationship management system

With the integrated social customer relationship management you can identify users on different channels and with different profiles. Connect their accounts in a centralized user profile to see all open and archived tickets of the inbox. You will receive a sentiment analysis for the tracked messages and you can also assign individual tags to the user profile.

Identifying brand ambassadors

With the sentiment analysis and the statistics by person you can see which users react positively towards your brand or your products and can therefore be considered brand ambassadors. You can also quickly identify internet trolls. Mark them with tags and internal comments which are only viewable to your team or block them.

Analyze and assess your community management activities

Using the most important performance metrics of your social media channels you will receive a fast overview and the most important information about your community, content, individually set tags, tickets and team members. With this information you can measure and assess the success of your social media strategy. All collected data can be exported for further use and editing.

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