Central and Clear Content Planning for All Social Media Channels

Plan your social media content for multiple channels with our clear editorial calendar for teams and companies.

Agile editorial planning for all channels

Plan your content in a clear and agile editorial plan for all your communication channels. With Swat.io you can plan and publish content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp. The Swat.io content planning channels for LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, Vimeo, Xing, Newsletters and any other content channel help you coordinating your communication centrally.

Editorial calendar with filters and clear display

The daily, weekly and monthly views display your content in a clearly arranged way. Thanks to color marking of scheduled, approved, non-published and published content you can see the status of a post at a glance. You can also see at once which team member the content is assigned to.

Suitable for a multitude of content formats

Swat.io supports all major content formats on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp. Schedule and publish your social media content by platform as text, link, picture, video, carousel or album post directly from our social media management tool without having to login to the social media website.

Simple duplicating and editing of scheduled posts

With the duplicate feature you can multiply your existing content with just a few clicks. This allows for simple and consistent editorial planning across many channels. You are also able to edit your content by specific platform or change the publishing times to suit the behavior of your target group on the respective platform.

Proven approval processes and social media communication

Working in a team requires special structures and possibilities. Proven workflows and integrated approval processes allow for internal feedback loops in the social media content planning process. The change log and internal comments for suggested posts are documented in an activity protocol.

Editorial planning with all Facebook post options

The editorial planning of Swat.io is compatible with the options for publishing of content provided by Facebook. This means that you can post text, link, picture, video, carousel or album posts directly from our social media management tool without having to open Facebook. Newsfeed targeting, target group limitations, locations and branded content are also supported.

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