Reliable and Efficient Social Media Management With One Tool

Successfully manage your social media channels with a single solution for content planning, community management and social customer service.

Clear editorial planning in one central calendar gives you an overview over your scheduled and published content. The central editorial plan enables you to plan and coordinate with your team. The daily, weekly and monthly views with can be filtered by channel and displays your content in a clearly arranged way – even on a large number of channels.

Notice Thanks to color marking of scheduled, approved, non-published and published content you can see the status of a post at a glance.

Immediate publishing or scheduling of social media content

With the shared editorial calendar you can plan content on all important social media platforms – including Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, XING, Vimeo & any desired individual channels! Publish your posts at the desired time. The editorial calendar supports all major formats and functions of the respective social media platform.

Fast community management with a single ticket inbox

The single ticket inbox is your universal mailbox for all comments, posts, mentions and private messages on your social media channels. It enables fast response times and the efficient assignment of tickets to the responsible team member. Follow all the conversations consistently and receive updates through email or in-app notifications. Since each action in the communication with the customer is logged, you stay always up-to-date.

Fast and efficient customer service via social media communication

Customer inquiries are handled by the team and across teams via the central ticket inbox. Our powerful social customer service tool and the individual answer templates ensure fast response times to customer inquiries. The integrated social CRM and full text search for all open and archived tickets offer a fast overview on the cross-channel communication in a service case.

Cross-platform social media monitoring and listening

Learn what your target group is writing about your brand, products and competitors in social networks. Monitor brand and product mentions by defining relevant phrases for your business success. Be there in real time when your target group is open for communication and influence your sales and customer satisfaction.

Detailed social media analytics and performance statistics

Gain a quick overview on the most important information about your community, your content, individually applied tags, tickets and team members with the most important performance metrics of your social media channels.

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