Make Your Success Measurable and Visible With Social Media Analytics

Gain valuable insights and performance indicators via social media analytics and improve the performance and efficiency of your content and your customer service.

Analyse and assess your social media performance

Social media analytics is important to measure the success of your efforts. The analysis and assessment within gives you a detailed overview of the numbers and development of your community, such as which content performs best on which channel at which time, how your team is doing in community management and statistics for individual tags.

All important social media statistics at a glance

Using the most important performance metrics of your social media channels you will get a quick overview on the most important information about your community, content, individually set tags, tickets and team members. With this information you can measure and assess the success of your social media strategy. All collected data can be exported for further use and editing.

User statistics and sentiment analysis

With the integrated social customer relationship management you can identify users on different channels and with different profiles. Connect their accounts in a centralized user profile to see all their open and archived tickets. You will receive a sentiment analysis for the tracked messages and you can also assign individual tags to the user profile to analyse them in detail at a later stage.

Activity protocol with full history of a ticket

In the activity protocol you can view the full history of all events and notes for a ticket. Use this to analyse all activities in a community management or customer inquiry ticket. See at a glance who was involved in the processing and solution. Use commentary references, marking of team members, emojis and media uploads to better communicate information internally.

Identifying brand ambassadors

With the sentiment analysis and the statistics by person you can see which users react positively towards your brand or your products and can therefore be considered brand ambassadors. You can also quickly identify internet trolls. Mark them with tags and internal comments which are only viewable to your team.

Raw data export for all statistics data

Even though our social media analysis delivers encompassing data, some special cases might require further processing. That’s why you can export all statistics data to Microsoft Excel. You can further edit your raw data, filter it, format it, visualize it in diagrams and presentations or import it into your own systems and tools.

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