Social Media Tool for Marketing Team Leads

Enable your team to do great things on social media. Create a technology infrastructure your high-performing social media team will love and work together in one digital environment, just as simply as setting up a meeting. Reliable workflows for efficient time management support you and your team in saving resources for new challenges. All of this is and much more is!

Agile editorial planning for all channels

Plan your content on all your communication channels in a clear and agile editorial calendar. With you can schedule and publish content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. The content planning channels for Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, Vimeo, Xing, Newsletters and any other type of channel help you to coordinate your communication centrally.

Define task areas with a differentiated role system

Team members only receive access according to their assigned role and permissions. This way you can ensure that sensitive data can only be accessed by authorized users.

Efficient community management on all social media channels

Collect and answer all comments, posts, mentions and private messages in a single inbox. Use monitoring to observe what your industry is talking about and analyze your content and interaction across all channels. The single inbox allows fast response times and forwarding of open tickets to the responsible team member. Assign tags to your tickets, categorize and easily find them via search. Delete spam or abuse and block user profiles if needed.

Reliable approval processes and social media communication

Working in a team requires special structures and possibilities. Reliable workflows and integrated approval processes ensure internal feedback loops in the social media content planning phase. All changes and internal comments for suggested posts are saved in the activity log of the post and can be viewed and traced at any time.

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Enable your high-performing Social Media team

Grow your team’s results with straight processes, communication in a shared space, automated publishing, inbox automations and more. Bringing in our social media superpowers saves lots of time in your team and gives you the freedom to analyse and improve your results or focus on new campaigns and projects. It has never been easier to enable your team to perform high.

Full Control with efficient collaboration

Teamwork in online marketing, social media and customer care has never been easier. Your dashboard gives you an overview of all brands. Answer inquiries by fans or followers and analyse and assess the performance of your team. The role management in your account enables you to give restricted access to your employees for certain accounts. The internal chat is used for better communication about all posts.

Analyse and assess your social media performance

Social media analytics is important to measure the success of your efforts. The analysis and assessment within gives you a detailed overview of the numbers and development of your community, such as which content performs best on which channel at which time, how your team is doing in community management and statistics for individual tags.

Put your data in trusted hands

You care about your data? So do we, by storing your data on two redundant data centers in Vienna, Austria operated by our ISO/IEC 20000-1 certified IT partner. In addition, certain data is stored via Amazon Web Services in a data center in Frankfurt, Germany. We adhere to several self-regulatory frameworks including the GDPR and review our compliance regularly.

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Feature by Feature

  • 🙈 Automatic hiding of posts and comments corresponding to a specific filter
  • 🖼 Facebook Multipic Photo Posts with up to 10 pictures possible
  • ✂ URL Shortening Options (No, with own account, without own account)
  • 🛸 Supported Posting Types: Text, link, photo, video, carousel, album (platform dependent)
  • 🕺 User Profile Comments Tooltip in Ticket Detail
  • 🏫 Searchable archive for already answered tickets
  • 🦉 Ticket Watching: posts you didn’t edit yourself can be watched and guided
  • 🤓 User statistics to determine the efficiency of team members
  • 🗺 Reviews for Google My Business Locations in the Ticket Inbox
  • 🙆‍♀️ Google My Business Channel Support
  • 🗝 Sentiment analysis at commentary and user level
  • 🙏 Detailed team statistics for ticketing by number of created/assigned/completed tickets per team member incl. reaction times
  • 🐧 Collaboration and internal comments on the exchange of information
  • 🚶‍♂️ Show activity index and interactions of individual users with social media channels
  • 🔭 Monitoring Web Results via the Ticket Inbox
  • 😻 Mentions of LinkedIn pages in Post Composer
  • 🏎 Immediate publication or scheduling of contributions
  • 🕰 Change history: history log / activity log of processed tickets
  • 🐥 All the benefits of the Twitter Enterprise API
  • 🏷 Individual tagging function of tickets / users for better categorization
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