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“It’s Much Easier Having all Your Channels in a Single System.”

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Lisa-Maria Kepplinger and Kerrin Jürgensen are social media managers at Österreichische Post and bank99. Here they explain how they manage social media across teams and the internal challenges of introducing a new tool to a company of this size.
Post/bank99: Lisa und Kerrin

About Österreichische Post & bank99

Österreichische Post connects people with letters and packages along with numerous online services, with around 23,000 employees serving 4 million households. Österreichische Post sees itself as a multi-service provider offering a wealth of different solutions. Since April 2020, one of those solutions is bank99.

Social Customer Service and Targeted Community-Building

Social media began as a service channel at Österreichische Post. Their main social media management goal is engaging with the community, but image topics are increasingly important as well. The idea is that interacting with Österreichische Post or bank99’s social media channels will leave you with a better idea about the company and the services it offers.

But in turn, the company wants to learn more about its own community, too. This is particularly critical for bank99, which is still in the process of building that community. The issues that come up on social media give the company key reference points for planning content and advertising products.

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80 posts

published on average every month


social media channels managed across five platforms using Swat.io


community comments and posts reach the team each month, on average

Legal and Organizational Hurdles

Community management is a constant challenge for Österreichische Post and bank99. Data security and banking secrecy obligations mean that they can’t answer every query on social media channels. This makes close collaboration with customer service and standardized processes all the more important.

Österreichische Post’s social media team has a decentralized structure, with community management overseen in Vienna and handled jointly with the social media community team of the customer service department located in Graz. The team used to communicate via Facebook and email, but they didn’t have a straightforward overview of their operational tasks. It soon became clear that they needed a social media management tool.

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All Social Media Management in One Place

Österreichische Post has used Swat.io for its social media management since 2017, and bank99 has been using the tool since the company was founded in 2020. Swat.io had to undergo numerous internal processes before it was introduced. The major benefit for the social media team? The tool and its features are simple enough that anyone can quickly get to grips with them.

In the morning, the central ticket inbox is the first port of call for the social media managers. They respond to comments, check monitoring tickets and deal with queries by tagging each other in the activity log and offering feedback. They use the editorial calendar to plan posts across platforms and departments. Coordinating all this used to be heavy going – many channels lack a preview function and few allow advance scheduling of posts. The Swat.io analysis section ensures continuous, comprehensive reporting. For the team, the option of assigning tags is a real plus. They can categorize tickets and posts, which later translates into insightful data on frequently recurring issues. This data helps the team create content and means they can be proactive about the topics they cover on their blog.

Why the Team at Österreichische Post and bank99 Chose Swat.io


How has Swat.io impacted your work since you started using it?

“Because we now use a single system for all our channels, it takes much less time to coordinate things. We’re more efficient at planning posts, and the “duplicate” feature, in particular, saves us a lot of time. And everything is much clearer and more transparent. So for example we can always see which customer service consultant responded to which message – that’s something we couldn’t do with our previous set-up.”

Why did you choose Swat.io?

“It’s just fantastic value for money. There are lots of systems on the market that claim they can do all kinds of things, but the reality is often very different. With Swat.io, you get honest answers, and there’s always a designated person you can speak to. We really value this close contact, and the fact that the tool was developed in Austria.”

Who would you recommend Swat.io to?

“We’d basically recommend it to anyone involved in social media management. Swat.io makes social media management simple and straightforward, even across multiple channels and an interactive community!”

Features used

  • Central ticket inbox for simple community management
  • Web monitoring for tracking topics
  • Tagging of posts and tickets for detailed analysis
  • Central editorial calendar for content scheduling
  • Activity log for tracking all activities
  • Sentiment analysis for gauging the community’s mood
  • Content planning channels for integrated marketing planning
  • Centralized reports from every channel
  • Duplication of posts for quick cross-posting
  • Option of previewing planned posts
  • Content planning for automatic publication