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Why you Should Work at Swat.io


Remarkable People

We bring together remarkable people with different interests and skillsets and a passion for doing remarkable work and growing together. We are from >12 nations, and > 3 generations, we are speaking >11 languages, we are >35% women, >30% parents, and 100% helpful & amazing team mates!

Achievers & Doers

We do our best work and enable each other to do the same. We put arguments before egos and learn from our mistakes. We give you the freedom to bring your ideas and expertise and organise your work. To support us towards our common goals we organise our work in Task Forces where we bring together team members with different skillsets.

Flexible Working Hours

Each of us has broad interests outside of work that help us recharge and keep our energy flowing. It might be an exciting passion, new hobby or family time. Do you want to include running or meditation into your day, spend the late afternoon at the beautiful Danube or to help your kid to build a boat? Your choice! We want to make it possible for you. Take control over your schedule and work as flexibly as you want within your agreed working hour scheme and in accordance with your team.

Family Friendly

With over 30% parents in our team, we understand the importance of family time and especially your presence during remarkable milestones of your children's life. Dads and Moms are equally welcome to make use of parental leave and we try to make vacation time / foster care / and other important family moments possible for you.

Hybrid Work Mode

Do you prefer to work from home or from the office? You can also work from abroad for up to 3 months. Whatever works best for you! We support work from home with extra compensation for expenses but keep our sunny brand new office open for you. It is located in the heart of Vienna in a building that dates back to 1903 right next to the U4/U6 subway station Längenfeldgasse. There you will be able to enjoy adjustable work desks in our noise-reduced working areas, our own MyMuesli Bar and Great Coffee. 😉

Educational Budget

We are lifelong learners and we create an environment where you get challenged and can learn and grow together with us. We welcome ideas and failures, provide ongoing feedback, and support you with a generous annual growth budget that you can use not only for training, books, workshops, and conferences but also for app subscriptions that support your learning (f.e. audible) and your mental wellbeing (f.e. Headspace, Calm).

Team Activities

We celebrate our successes together and twice a year bring everyone from the company together. We have active people whose love for sport evolved into our runners club and cycling club. We don’t stop on that and are always open to new ideas and initiatives to stay connected.

Green Heart

We stay down to earth and support climate friendly means of transportation by providing you with an Annual Public Transport Ticket or subsidizing other public transport tickets (f.e. Kilma Ticket).

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my application look like?

Our job posting got your attention – great! We are looking forward to getting to know you better. Show us who you are – we are interested in your personality and how you fit into our team. 🤝
Please follow the link in the job ad to upload your CV and tell us in your own words why you think you want to be part of our Swat.io Crew.

We are also always happy to receive videos and/or work samples from you. If you want to send us a video, you can record it while submitting your application in our applicant tracking system. You can also upload it to Google Drive or YouTube and share the link with us.

Should my application be written in English or German?

We are an international team and our company language is English – however, certain positions require business fluent German skills (e.g. positions in Customer Support, Marketing and Sales Teams) and for those we kindly ask you to hand in your application in German. As a rule of thumb: follow the job ad's language for your application documents.

What does the recruitment process look like?
  1. After you have completed your application, we will contact you within 1 week with the invitation for a short call. Even if a Job Description is written in German, please don’t be surprised, that the first contact is in English as it is our company language.
  2. The interview: Let’s find out more about each other – our 1st round will be a 60-minute video call where you meet your future Team Manager and your People Manager.
  3. In-depth Interview/Trial Day: For some positions, you will receive questions and tasks from us which we ask you to work on in advance and prepare for the interview. You will get to know various colleagues from our team, present the tasks to them or work with them on tasks for your potential future role and get deep insights into how we work. During this step or afterward, you will also meet our CEO, Johannes, for a chat.
  4. Offer: You have convinced us with your professional and social skills and we think you will complete our team perfectly. 💕 You will then receive an offer from us which will hopefully lead to a contract signing.
  5. Welcome aboard! You will receive all contract documents from us and we will start to prepare your onboarding. We will pair you up with your own personal buddy so that you feel welcome right from the start and ready to reinforce our values from your first day with us!
When should I expect a response and how long does the recruitment process take?

The current average duration from application to signed contract is about 1,5 months. If you need feedback really fast, please communicate this with us from the beginning, we can consider this during our planning. Mostly closing dates for all open positions are as soon as possible, but it is more important for us to find a perfect fit.

Are there on-site meetings/interviews at the Swat.io office?

Most of our team members work remotely and there are a few regulars in the office. Some teams gather together for certain occasions like brainstorming, co-working, socializing, and after-work activities.

We also offer our candidates to come by the office for one of the steps of the recruiting process. It can be for an assessment, to meet the team, or to pick up the equipment but there is always an option to meet some of us in person.

I have been invited to a video interview with you – how can I prepare?

We schedule most of our video-calls with Google Meet, Zoom or Around. Make sure you are familiar with the tool if you have never used it before, ensure a steady internet connection and check your microphone/speakers.

What is the company language?

With team members from over 12 countries, we are very international. For this reason, our company language is English and all internal communications happen in English. Nevertheless, as the majority of our clients are German speaking, some teams operate in German, f.e. Finance & Operations, Marketing, Sales and Support. Communication within the company happens in English for them as well.

Come as you Are and Believe in Yourself!

Our People & Culture Team is looking forward to your application.

If you Have any Questions, Reach out to our People Manager, Jane Trishina