Fast and Enthusiastic Customer Service


Great social media customer service with a single inbox

The ticket inbox enables fast response times and the efficient assignment of tickets. Manage all your Social Media channels in one place and add an email address as channel. Receive notifications with updates to tickets and follow all actions consistently. Never miss out on promising conversations by monitoring product and brand mentions.


Collaboration across teams with ticket assignment

Use’s internal approval process for those super-tricky questions where you need help from your team members to answer. Doubts and questions can be cleared with your supervisor before publishing an answer. Use the internal chat for discussion and tag team members whose response is necessary. Inquiries needing further departmental clarification can be forwarded to the responsible person with just a few clicks.


Individual templates for fast responses to inquiries

Build a full knowledge database with our template system. Create individual answer templates for frequently asked questions and minimize the time you need to answer recurring inquiries to only a few seconds. This allows you to offer great customer support on social media while significantly shortening your answer time!


Integrated social customer relationship management

With integrated social customer relationship management, you can use to identify users on different channels and with different profiles. Connect their accounts in a centralized user profile to see all open and archived tickets of a community member. You will receive a sentiment analysis for the tracked messages and you can also assign individual tags to the user profile.


Full-text search for active and archived tickets

With the fast full-text-search, you can search all tickets in your inbox as well as already archived tickets. The full-text search will search all comments, posts, mentions, and private messages. Filter your search results by ticket IDs, tags or users as well as channels to find desired content faster.


Team statistics for social media posts and tickets

The team statistics allow you to analyze single members of your team for pre- or user-defined periods. Filter the results by channels, the number of created and published posts, the ticket status or the period from creation to archiving a ticket to receive segmented results. Measure the reaction time.

Customer Service Success Stories

🏰 supports your Enterprise.


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business


  • Clear and central content calendar
  • Agile planning and approval
  • Schedule and publish posts
  • Easy team collaboration
  • Reliable workflows and processes
  • Post preview for all devices


  • Single ticket inbox for all channels
  • Fast response time on social media
  • Coordination and collaboration as a team
  • Integrated social CRM data
  • Inbox automations for recurring tasks
  • Detailed log for all activities


  • Analyse your social media performance
  • Compare numbers across channels
  • Valuable insights into your community
  • Identify brand ambassadors
  • Analyse your team performance
  • Export raw data for all statistics data

Feature by Feature

  • 🔢 Link clicks metrics / analysis for content / posts
  • 🙏 Detailed team statistics by number of created/assigned/completed tickets per team member incl. reaction times
  • 🔖 Add post tags when creating a post
  • 💁‍♀️ Real-time preview for desktop and mobile versions in post editor for all channels
  • 👨‍💼 Instagram reach analytics for Instagram business accounts
  • 📌 Facebook pages mentions in post composer
  • 📲 Re-opening and re-assigning tickets to the former customer support agent
  • 📹 Add subtitles for Facebook video posts
  • ✨ New calendar (better performance, duplicate posts, tag posts, post workflows, date picker, jump to day, ...)
  • 🐤 Support of Twitter direct messages via ticket inbox
  • 🙈 Automatic hiding of posts and comments corresponding to a specific filter
  • 🖥 Compatible with all popular browsers and a responsive user interface for working on a smartphone or tablet
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