Social Media and Community Management for Customer Service

Support your customers quickly and goal-oriented. Our clearly arranged inbox allows you to keep track of all comments, posts, mentions, and direct messages. A single inbox for the complete customer communication on social media guarantees fast processing and short response times for your customer inquiries.

All Social Media in one inbox

The single ticket inbox is your universal mailbox for all comments, posts, mentions and private messages on your social media channels. It enables fast response times and the efficient assignment of tickets to the responsible team member. Follow all the conversations consistently and receive updates through email or in-app notifications.

Full control with efficient collaboration

Teamwork in customer care has never been easier. Your dashboard gives you an overview on all brands. Answer inquiries by fans or followers and analyse and assess the performance of your team. The role management in your account enables you to give restricted access to your employees for certain accounts. The internal chat is used for better communication about all posts.

Be informed about everything that’s going on

Set up user defined notifications to receive updates per e-mail or via in-app updates on various activities and events. Individually manage notifications for tickets, mentions, posts and comments. You are in charge about which notifications you want to get and where.

Respond quickly and with ease

Rough times require fast response times. With our reliable community management solution, you will never miss any comments, posts, mentions and private messages on your social media channels. Neither relevant communication thanks to web monitoring. Quickly react to inquiries in crisis communication and jump in on questions across all networks.

Your next Social Media love story


No More Repetitions With Smart Response Templates

Our template answers allow you to prepare smart response templates for frequently asked questions. Use them to create a knowledge database. Answer frequent questions within just a few seconds by using a drop-down menu and selecting the right answer. This lets you have great customer support through social media and allows you to process a multitude of inquiries within a short period of time.

Save Tons of Time With Inbox Automation

Screening and answering tickets that don’t need your attention can be time consuming and frustrating. Inbox Automations help you to do the work for you. Just set up the rules you want to apply to tickets that match certain criteria and enjoy those tickets being taken care of automatically. It’s magical!

Analyse And Assess Your Activities

Using the most important performance metrics of your social media channels you will get a quick overview of the most common information about your community, content, individually set tags, tickets and team members. With this information you can measure and assess the success of your social media strategy. All collected data can be exported for further use and editing.

Support that will make you swoon, always by your side

If you have a great idea for a new feature, feeling lost with something or searching a specific feature and can’t find it, our support team is happy to help you. Friendly people with a smile on their face, who respond within a few minutes on average. Both customers and interested parties get to enjoy the high quality service provided by our Support team.

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Feature by Feature

  • 📤 Post export from the editor
  • 🎟 Inbox ticket for contributions to event posts on Facebook
  • 👤 Tagging of individual posts with user-defined tags for priority levels for support and statistical evaluation
  • 🏊‍♂️ Excellent usability and proven workflows at all levels
  • 🗺 Reviews for Google My Business locations in the ticket inbox
  • 💱 Translations of incoming comments and messages directly in the ticket inbox
  • 🎫 Ticket export from the inbox
  • ♠ Identification of the post type (text, link, photo, PM, etc.) by a symbol next to the ticket
  • 🦉 Ticket watching: posts you didn’t edit yourself can be watched and guided
  • 🤡 Tickets for comments only containing a mention or emoji automatically marked as read
  • 🌖 Evaluation on time / channel and day level, private and public messages
  • 👨‍🚀 Ticket management of the entire social media communication in a central ticket inbox
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