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Remarkable Success Stories From our Customers

Stories written by Swat.io: Our customers share the problems and challenges they successfully solve with Swat.io.
NÖN Erfolgsgeschichte

Niederösterreichisches Pressehaus

Niederösterreichisches Pressehaus provides information to its audience on numerous channels. Stefanie Sommer, Head of Digital Marketing, explains how the company engages with the community on social media.

von Fred

von Fred helps brands and people find their way on social media and make it work for them. The team integrated Swat.io into its processes to ensure efficient operations. Maximilian Embert and Galina Kalenteva provide insight into their workflows.

Swiss Life Select Austria

Marie Kaltenegger and Oliver Bascha manage the social media presence of Swiss Life Select Austria. They tell us how they bring financial topics to the people and why Swat.io is a great help in doing so.
Social Media Erfolgsgeschichte von Terra Mater

Terra Mater Studios

Terra Mater Studios provides information on Nature & Wildlife and Environment & Conversation on social media. With Swat.io, the team can efficiently share multiple posts daily on different platforms.
Mohrenbrauerei – Social Media Erfolgsgeschichte


Andreas Linder is in charge of marketing at Mohren Brewery. With Swat.io, his team oversees all interactions on social media and works effortlessly with the PR agency.

Swat.io Use Cases

One Tool - Many Ways to Use it

Swat.io's social media management tools offer numerous possibilities to simplify your daily work. With its extensive features, our product is an unbeatable productivity helper. 

In our success stories, existing customers answer our questions and share how they use Swat.io for more efficiency and improved workflows.

These use cases show you how different industries are leveraging Swat.io. Learn more about how they use Swat.io in practice!