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The Heart of the

We are proud to be an independent and bootstrapped product-led tech company in the Software-as-a-service industry with more than a decade of experience in the Social Media space.
Swat.io Office: Kitchen

Having always been led by CEOs with a tech background - which is rare to find- we jumped on the Social Media Marketing space shuttle as early as 2009 when Facebook opened its first API.

As a company, we’re driven by two strong passions: tech and social media. 

Being down to earth and still reaching for the stars are not mutually exclusive . This recipe enabled Swat.io to become a trusted partner and software of choice for many social media enthusiasts: frontrunners and rookies, masters and pioneers, big brands and champions.

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Our greatest value, however, lies with our people!  💙 We feel privileged to have a special mix of game changers on board, including both experienced tech veterans from the very early days of the industry and fresh minds who joined us on our journey.

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Our Vision: By being Experts, we enable our customers to efficiently manage their Social Media

How we do it:

  • We build a remarkable product that meets the highest standards of quality and deliver outstanding customer service.

  • We favour a quality over quantity approach in everything we do. This often involves atypical choices in today’s often short-termist business environment but as an independent company, we enjoy the freedom to make these choices for the benefit of our coworkers and customers.


Here Are Some Examples

1. Product excellence:
We define ourselves as a product-led company and hence focus on building a product that users actually love. Revenue follows quality - not the other way around.
2. Less is more:
We purposefully grow our team organically and purposefully, at a pace which preserves quality and company culture. We leave rushed, unsustainable growth to others.
3. Challenges are crucial for our growth:
Whether we seek challenges or they appear naturally, everyone at Swat.io embraces them. Our collective mindset is very dedicated and passionate about achieving our common goals and growing individually.

Our Core Values

Our 7 core values represent our fundamental principles of action and collaboration  with each other. These short yet meaningful guiding principles are the baseline for every action and interaction here at Swat.io and facilitate decision making on a daily basis for every individual.

People Like us, Do Things Like This

Every Day, we ...

are open and positive
believe in ourselves
deliver great work
focus on adding value
help each other
innovate & evolve
take responsibility

The Team

Our Tech Stack

Swat.io Team

Slack, Notion, Linear, GSuite, Zoom, Around

Sales, Customer Success & Support

HubSpot, Intercom

People & Culture

Prescreen, Timr, HelloSign, Officevibe, Calendly, Officely

Development & Product

Figma, GitHub, Sentry | Tech-Stack: PHP, Laravel, PostgreSQL, React.js, TypeScript, ElasticSearch, Redis.

Finance & Operations

BMD, Chargebee

Marketing & Design

Swat.io, Adobe Suite, Figma, Zeplin, Canva, Trello, WordPress, HubSpot, ahrefs, Hotjar, ClickCease, Ryte, Sistrix, Ad Manager (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest)

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