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Social Media Management for Public Authorities

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Good Social Media Communication Needs Clear Processes

Are stress, chaos and quality issues getting in the way of your social media management? Our social media management tools give you everything you need to coordinate your social media marketing activities flawlessly and work together with your team.

Authorities, Government Departments & Public Bodies

You give users clear and simple information on national and local issues – sharing the facts with a personal touch and building a sense of trust.

Authorities, Cities & Municipalities

Communicating with citizens to create a closer relationship is one of the reasons you use social media. Your team communicates information on the authority and relevant issues in all areas to keep local people and media representatives up to date.

Political Organizations & Lobby Groups

Your digital community is important to you, and you get people involved in day-to-day political life. You aim to engage with voters on a range of platforms and make them inspired by the issues that matter to you.

Police Departments, Banks & Public Institutions

For you, being on social media is all about visibility and availability. Your content is designed to inform and entertain. You’re all about security, reliability and trust: just like us!

Made by Social Media Professionals, for Social Media Professionals

We've been focusing on the demands of professional social media teams since 2010. From single-person companies to international corporate groups, every organization needs to have clarity and control in order to free up more time for important social media management tasks. Over 30,000 users currently rely on our expertise.

How Public Authorities Can Use Social Media Marketing

On social media, public authorities must abide by the same principle as they do in real life: living up to citizens’ expectations. Social media is one of the most direct ways to communicate with citizens – and Swat.io can help you do this. Thanks to the structured content calendar in the Swat.io Publisher and our team features, you’re perfectly equipped to share the right information at the right time. The central Swat.io Inbox for all supported social media channels simplifies communication with users – so you’ll never miss another comment, message or mention.

More Time on Social Media for Citizens’ Concerns

Personal contact with people is a key aspect of social networks, and close relationships with your citizens are part of this. Swat.io makes social media content planning effortless. The clear, agile editorial calendar lets you schedule your posts or publish them straight away on all supported channels. Familiarize yourself with our reliable workflows – you can use these to distribute your team’s resources so you have more time for your citizens’ concerns.

Efficiently Mastering Digital Crisis Communication Within Your Team

When crisis hits, it’s important to react in a systematic manner that works for the situation. Swat.io Inbox helps you combine crisis communication on social media in one central inbox, so you don’t miss a single comment, post, mention or private message on your social media channels. Respond to inquiries on all supported platforms during a crisis.

Targeted Provision of Services

Providing citizens with services is one of the most important jobs that public authorities do. Digitalization makes it possible to offer a range of services to specific audiences via social media, which is great news for your citizens. Swat.io brings spontaneous urgent messaging, public communications to citizens and PR work under one roof.

Make Sure Your Data is in Safe Hands

Do you care about data protection? We do, too. We store your data in two redundant data centers in Vienna, Austria, operated by our IT partner certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 20000-1. In addition, some data is held in a data center in Frankfurt, Germany, via Amazon Web Services. We comply with several regulatory frameworks, such as the EU GDPR, and review our compliance on an ongoing basis. Optional 2-factor authentication offers an additional layer of protection for your login details.

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Simple, Time-Saving Processes

Use single tool for all your social media management. Plan and publish content, interact with your community and analyze your achievements.

Collaborative Tools and Internal Communication

Plan your content in collaboration with your team. Use internal notes on posts and tickets to coordinate with your colleagues. Our integrated approval processes make teamwork effortless.

Cross-Platform Success Measurement

Use cross-platform social media reporting to measure your success on every channel. The integrated customer relationship management system lets you view all the points of contact with a customer.

Social Media Customer Service Made Simple

Use our central ticket inbox to work through all your inquiries, comments, messages and mentions in a clear and easy-to-use interface. Minimize response times and never miss a message on social media again!

Centralized Management of All Your Channels

Manage all your channels in one central tool with a single login. Swat.io supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, WhatsApp, Pinterest, TikTok, and Google My Business.

Roles and Permissions

Assign roles and permissions to map out team structures, no matter how complex. It’s ideal for bringing together international teams or a large network of branches for social media management.
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Julia Hold, Head of New Media & Campaigning

Swat.io allows us to manage topics in one place and bring the community together on a regional level

“We’re able to take advantage of synergies between national associations and district branches, This saves everyone in social media management a lot of time. Swat.io helps us coordinate content planning with ease, while continuing to draw on local strengths.”
Österreich 2020: Das Rote Kreuz im Einsatz
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