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Social Media Management Solutions

Social Media Communications Without Compromise

Swat.io offers social media management solutions for a range of industries, target audiences and use cases. Learn how social media managers can simplify their everyday work while maintaining an overview of their projects.

A Social Media Tool That Suits Your Role

  • Social Media Manager

    As a social media manager, do you find your workday stressful? Do you lack the time for creativity? Swat.io eliminates chaos and frees up resources.
  • Marketing Team Lead

    Unclear processes lead to poor team performance. Add structure to your workday and simplify teamwork with Swat.io.
  • Agency Consultant

    Coordinating with customers doesn’t have to be difficult: manage all your channels in one central location and gain time for important tasks.
  • Customer Service Agent

    Never miss a ticket on social media again, cut your response time and make it easy to collaborate within your team and across departments.

A Social Media Tool That Suits Your Industry

Retail and E-Commerce – Boosting Sales

You want to show off your products to best effect and trigger sales – social media is the perfect tool! Swat.io Inbox and Publisher’s features allow you to build relationships with your customers.
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A Social Media Tool That Suits Your Channels


Facebook Tool

As the largest social media network, Facebook is a crucial part of most social media strategies. These features will help you to improve teamwork when it comes to Facebook marketing.

Instagram Tool

On Instagram, you can showcase your brand with images and videos. Simplify content planning and your workflows with these Instagram features.

Twitter Tool

Social media publishing in real time: Twitter is all about speed, which means you need straightforward workflows. These features make that possible.

YouTube Tool

Set the stage for your social media marketing on YouTube. These features make it easy to schedule and publish content and interact with your community.

LinkedIn Tool

Build relationships and position your company as an industry expert: learn about the Swat.io features that can simplify your LinkedIn marketing.

Pinterest Tool

Pinterest inspires people to create a life they love. Support them with your ideas! Swat.io makes it easy to design and schedule pins as a team.

Google My Business Tool

Manage your reviews on Google My Business in one central location and respond to feedback. We make it easy to keep track.

Support Inbox Tool

Process tickets from all your social media channels and support email addresses in one central inbox. Save time and gain valuable insights into your community.

TikTok Tool

On TikTok, you can make your business more approachable and reach a new audience. Schedule your TikTok videos in your calendar and publish them with just a few clicks.

The Best Success Stories From our Customers

NÖN Erfolgsgeschichte

Niederösterreichisches Pressehaus

Niederösterreichisches Pressehaus provides information to its audience on numerous channels. Stefanie Sommer, Head of Digital Marketing, explains how the company engages with the community on social media.

von Fred

von Fred helps brands and people find their way on social media and make it work for them. The team integrated Swat.io into its processes to ensure efficient operations. Maximilian Embert and Galina Kalenteva provide insight into their workflows.

Swiss Life Select Austria

Marie Kaltenegger and Oliver Bascha manage the social media presence of Swiss Life Select Austria. They tell us how they bring financial topics to the people and why Swat.io is a great help in doing so.

Social Media Erfolgsgeschichte von Terra Mater

Terra Mater Studios

Terra Mater Studios provides information on Nature & Wildlife and Environment & Conversation on social media. With Swat.io, the team can efficiently share multiple posts daily on different platforms.

Logo Österreichisches Patentamt
Christina Nettek, Austrian Patent Office
“Swat.io gives us a quick and thorough overview of our work. Forward planning in the content calendar saves a huge amount of time: we can see at a glance what is planned for which time, what has already been published and what still needs to be dealt with. It’s this structure that makes our social media work possible. I would recommend Swat.io to anyone undertaking social media management, especially if they’re managing multiple accounts. It’s genuinely fun to use – I never want to be without Swat.io again!”

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