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“Swat.io offers what we need – time savings and efficiency.”

Terra Mater Studios are an international film production company based in Vienna that relies heavily on social media as a marketing tool. With posts that are both amusing and informative, the company talks about topics such as nature, wildlife, environment and conservation.

Its team publishes several posts a day on different platforms, which wouldn’t work as efficiently without a tool. Eva Schmidt, Head of Digital & Communications, and Elisa Mourão Flores, Social Media Manager at Terra Mater Studios, explain how and why they use Swat.io.
Social Media Erfolgsgeschichte von Terra Mater

The Terra Mater Studios office in Vienna.

Social media is thriving at Terra Mater Studios: its YouTube channel was launched in 2019, social media activities on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have been greatly ramped up since summer 2022, and videos have also been uploaded to its TikTok account several times a week since the beginning of 2023. “There have been more than 300 posts in the last eight months,” says Eva. “I couldn’t imagine doing this without a good social media tool,” says Elisa. 

Terra Mater Studios are among the world’s most successful producers of nature films. In addition to its multi-award-winning premium documentaries, the company also offers factual entertainment series, feature docs, fictional films and series for TV stations and streaming platforms around the world. 

“Social media is our sole B2C channel. We want to build a community here that is excited and inspired by the world of Terra Mater. This also indirectly pays off on the B2B side,” explains Eva, explaining the approach to social media marketing. The communications team is small and needs to be very efficient. “We have one-of-a-kind nature footage, including scenes that have never been shown before. This is a great foundation for social media, from which we developed a strong strategy for each platform,” says Eva.

Social Media Erfolgsgeschichte von Terra Mater


Eva Schmidt, Head of Digital & Communications, and Elisa Mourão, Social Media Manager, with the Jackson Wild Media Award 2022. The video “How Sperm Whales Learned to Outsmart their Hunters”, posted on the Terra Mater YouTube channel, was crowned the winner of the Animal Behavior category.

It quickly became clear that the strategy could only be implemented with the help of a tool. “You can’t do it without a content tool,” says Elisa, who has worked with several social media tools in the past and appreciates the benefits. “I always have an overview, can plan far in advance and recycle topics easily. Multiple people can work with the tool and keep track of all channels in one place.”

Terra Mater Studios use Swat.io daily. “When it comes to community management, I no longer have to check each post individually for comments. I make myself a coffee in the morning, open the inbox in Swat.io and can see all reactions in one place. If I don’t know the answer to a question, I simply assign it to the appropriate person. This makes the workflow super simple,” says Elisa. When creating posts, she appreciates the feature that lets you duplicate content across channels. The first comment can be scheduled right away and posts that weren’t published with Swat.io still show up in the calendar, which keeps things transparent on all channels.

Social Media Erfolgsgeschichte von Terra Mater


A Terra Mater Studios Instagram post about their latest production: American Ocelot.

“We regularly assess what works on which channel and how well. In the Swat.io analytics area, I constantly monitor performance, growth and engagement. Doing this for each channel individually would take far too long,” says Elisa. 

Usability was a crucial factor in their search for the right social media tool. “Swat.io stands out compared to other tools thanks to its interface, which is very intuitive and user-friendly. Everyone in the team loves the structure. It quickly became clear that Swat.io offers what we need – time savings and efficiency,” explain Eva and Elisa. Terra Mater Studios therefore recommend Swat.io to anyone who is on the hunt for a social media tool.

Features Used

  • Centralized content calendar
  • Post duplication
  • All channels in one tool
  • Centralized ticket inbox
  • Assignment of posts and tickets
  • Analytics area