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“Thanks to Swat.io, we have optimized our processes in many areas.”

von Fred helps brands and people find their way on social media and make it work for them. The team integrated Swat.io into its processes to ensure efficient operations. Maximilian Embert and Galina Kalenteva provide insight into their workflows.

Social media is the daily “playground” of the agency von Fred. Together with its customers, the team develops customized social media strategies. Solid processes are key to ensuring ample freedom for the creative implementation of a strategy, which is why von Fred has used a simple social media tool since the beginning. However, it wasn’t long before this was no longer able to cover the workflow requirements, so the agency started looking for a new tool.

Maximilian tells us what was key here: “In addition to the basics, three essential functionalities were important to us. Firstly, the new tool should also cover response management. Secondly, the tool should have an API so that we can automatically import or modify content. Thirdly, we wanted to be able to extract all data from the tool to enrich our dashboards.”

These points are particularly important because von Fred implements and develops the social media strategy together with the client. All areas of the strategy are analyzed in the process, which would be impossible without sound processes and data sovereignty.

Swat.io was the tool of choice. “Since Swat.io was already known to us, we already knew a lot about the features and how to use the tool. We think Swat.io is one of the best tools, especially when it comes to community management. What’s more, all our other requirements were covered, the value for money was spot on, and we had a good feeling there was a team behind this that would take all our wishes, suggestions and questions seriously. We were not disappointed here in particular,” says Maximilian.

von Fred uses almost all of Swat.io’s features in its daily work. “The API is particularly important for us, as it allows us to integrate Swat.io into our existing processes even more – for example, for the internationalization of content,” explains Maximilian. Galina shows in the video below how von Fred integrates Swat.io’s features into these processes. (Only available in German.)

Here’s how the workflow proceeds, step by step:

  1. von Fred creates a post in Swat.io, which the team then duplicates across all channels. A link to the corresponding Google form is included in the caption. 
  2. The countries translate the text in the Google form and submit it.
  3. The text is forwarded to Zapier, a tool that allows you to link different web applications in order to automate processes. The translated text is then sent from Zapier to Bannerbear.
  4. Within Bannerbear, a tool that allows you to automatically generate images and videos, the text is linked to the background video and the final video is generated with the translated text in it.
  5. The final video is sent back to Zapier and forwarded directly to Swat.io. The video with the translated text now appears in the original post and can be definitively scheduled.
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Example of a template for an image feed post in Bannerbear.

Maximilian is thrilled with what they’ve achieved with Swat.io: “We and our customers are making significant gains in efficiency thanks to the community management solution simplifying things and the time we save due to the excellent overview and transparency.”

von Fred recommends Swat.io to anyone who:

  • Has a high volume of community management and wants an efficient solution
  • Is looking for a stable ongoing social media tool with good customer support
  • Operates an advanced data infrastructure that needs to be enriched with context on social media data