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“Thanks to Swat.io, we Have Newfound Clarity in our Social Media Management”

Florian Figl is a Content Manager at Zotter Chocolates. He and his team successfully deploy social media to build and enhance the company’s relationships with its customers. Find out how the team works with Swat.io! ✨
Zotter Herstellung

About Zotter Chocolates

Zotter Chocolates is a chocolate manufacturer based in the state of Styria, Austria. It’s one of the most sustainable companies in the industry, producing chocolate in its own factory according to the bean-to-bar principle. That means it carries out every step of the process itself, from the harvesting of the cocoa beans to the finished chocolate bar. For manufacturing, Zotter only uses certified organic raw materials and its membership of the World Fair Trade Organization is testament to its principles.

Zotter is internationally renowned for its “hand-scooped” chocolates with tempting fillings, pralines and pure chocolate bars. But it also produces a wide assortment of other foodstuffs – everything from cakes, lemonades and wine to meat products. The visitor center at the factory in Riegersburg – the Chocolate Theater – is one of the most popular day trip destinations in Styria. Visitors can sample chocolates at different stages in the production process here and at a second location in Shanghai.

Strengthening Customer Relationships and Harnessing Valuable Community Feedback

Zotter can readily use social media marketing to present the core topic of chocolate in a variety of ways. It has three main aims: to enhance customer relationships, generate awareness for the brand and its products, and use performance campaigns for retargeting.

Social media is the prime communication channel, which they use to share daily updates from the production facility. Interaction with the community sometimes leads to new business openings. For instance, the company hosted chocolate tastings on Facebook during the first coronavirus lockdown. And to great success, as the community feedback showed. Zotter now offers tasting packages by post; customers can then enjoy a tasting including commentary via video stream.

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Growing With Brand Advocates and Great Stories

Zotter uses social media to keep in touch with people who take an interest in the brand. They draw in many visitors who have already engaged intensively with the brand in person. It’s a link that is consolidated via digital channels and which keeps users coming back to Zotter. In the best-case scenario, users become brand advocates with their own leverage effect.

The aim is to attract users who are not yet familiar with the Zotter USP. Through personal contact, the customer’s interest in the brand is aroused and the company invites them to visit the factory and sample the chocolate. Social media offers plenty of good opportunities to tell stories. These focus on production or case studies of cocoa farmers and other raw material suppliers.

The challenge of social media marketing is keeping up with the sheer pace at which the platforms evolve. Trends and best practices change all the time. The Zotter marketing team has to be just as dynamic in its response.

Zotter Verkostung

Swat.io Provides a Complete Overview in Content Planning and Community Management

Zotter’s social media presence is a joint effort between the marketing and graphic design departments. They draw up a social media content plan at weekly editorial meetings, using the Swat.io calendar. Content ideas come from the marketing team and often from senior management as well. The topic is set up in the calendar and the posts are first assigned to the graphic design department. Once the team has uploaded the image material to Swat.io, the post goes back to the marketing department. Then when the text is ready, the draft is passed on for approval in Swat.io. Keeping track of all this would be impossible without a tool.

The team also use the Swat.io ticket inbox to maintain a clear overview of their community management efforts. Having one ticket for each post is particularly useful, making the context clear when it comes to processing tickets. Response templates make it quicker to answer recurring questions. And if they need to quickly find out if a topic has already been brought up by the community, and the response to it – there’s an integrated full text search function.

Why the Team at Zotter Chocolates Chose Swat.io


How has Swat.io impacted your work since you started using it?

“Swat.io has given us new clarity when it comes to social media management. We’re now quicker at responding to customer inquiries and the calendar feature has let us optimize our content production process.”

Why did you choose Swat.io?

“I was familiar with Swat.io before I joined Zotter. There came a point when workflow expectations within the team had grown so much that our previous tool couldn’t cope. Swat.io is highly cost-effective and the team behind it is constantly working on the features of the tool. We don’t like complicated tools, and that’s why we love Swat.io!”

Who would you recommend Swat.io to?

“Anyone whose job involves social media for communication. If your team handles more than one channel, it makes sense to use Swat.io.”

Features Used

  • Content calendar for central editorial planning
  • Assignment of posts for cross-team content production
  • Central ticket inbox for a clear response to inquiries
  • Full text search for locating older posts quickly
  • Response templates to save time on routine tasks
  • Integrated approval process for top teamwork
  • Google My Business evaluations processed centrally