Initiativbewerbung - Speculative application

Full-time employee

Excited about our product and our company, but you haven't found any open jobs that fit your skills? We are looking forward to receiving your application anyway, as we are always open for motivated talents 🤩 Send us your CV and describe us in a few sentences or in a video who you are and in which team you would love to join us ❤️

Our 7 core values are the fundamental belief of how we want to get things done and collaborate with each other. 💕 These short yet meaningful guiding principles are the baseline for every action and interaction here at and facilitate decision making on a daily basis for every individual.

People like us, do things like this:

Every day, we ...

  • are open and positive 🌈
  • believe in ourselves 💪🏻
  • deliver great work 💡
  • focus on adding value ➕
  • help each other 🤝
  • innovate & evolve 🧠
  • take over responsibility 👨‍🚒
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