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Easy Coordination with Agency Customers without Email Chaos

Philipp Kurz works as Social Media Innovation Strategist at ambuzzador and is responsible for the agency’s social media content. He explains how the team uses Swat.io to drive innovation in social media marketing for its customers.

About ambuzzador

ambuzzador is a Vienna-based communication and innovation consultancy that's particularly renowned for social media marketing, New Leadership and New Work solutions, and digital experience design. The team has been helping companies to create digital experiences since 2004. The agency was one of the very first Swat.io clients.

ambuzzador focuses on innovation processes. Its team deploys iterative agile working methods in all of its services and products. This makes the agency unique in consultancy and in operational and strategic support.

Harnessing the Power of Data for Great Social Media Marketing

ambuzzador’s overriding social media objective is to keep an open mind about the end result. Data is at the heart of all decision-making, so topics are always tested and target groups are only chosen after a test phase and subsequent analysis. Ongoing iterations ensure optimal results.

This allows the ambuzzador team to focus on the content that will be received best by end customers. They also use interviews and other methods to find out more about what their target groups want and need. ambuzzador requires as much specific information as possible to create strong content for its customers.

Flexible Editorial Planning for Optimal Prioritization

The challenge with this kind of open-ended approach is its impact on planning capability. It’s getting harder to predict which topics and messages will prove successful with end customers – particularly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Performance of individual topics also changes rapidly. In the case of an airline client, for instance, ambuzzador finds that inspirational content about travel destinations goes down well one day, and information about safety measures the next. Messaging is easier to plan under normal conditions.

That means you really need to do your prep work. You always need extra topics in reserve, to change the focus of the content at short notice. Even without a pandemic disrupting planning, flexibility and short turnarounds are important for the team’s editorial planning. That’s where Swat.io comes in.

Transparent Processes and Detailed Analysis with Swat.io

Swat.io gives the ambuzzador team transparency in its social media editorial planning. After they coordinate the strategy with the customer, they create the content in Swat.io. Feedback loops and approval take place in the tool as well. The team uses tags to divide all of the content into themes. This helps with analysis later on and ensures that everyone involved has a good overview.

The assign function and activity log provide extra transparency, with the status of content apparent at all times. Any stakeholder can track back through the history, even if they weren’t directly involved in content creation.

For analysis, Swat.io provides data from all social media channels in one place, making ambuzzador’s cross-channel reporting straightforward. The tags make it even easier to evaluate test runs and feed specific lessons back into editorial planning.

Why the Team at ambuzzador Chose Swat.io


What benefits have you experienced from using Swat.io?

“Coordinating with customers is easier for sure. This means for example that we don’t have to email screenshots of suggested posts. From experience, I know that’s exactly the way many editorial offices still do it. Before long, you can’t make head or tail of the process. With Swat.io, you have a constant overview of drafts and planned posts and I can get cross-channel analytical data in just a few clicks. It helps so much when we sit down with customers. Swat.io lets you draw rapid conclusions quickly on the basis of analytics and then feed them into editorial planning.”

Who would you recommend Swat.io to?

“Social media editorial teams which have multiple stakeholders. Even though there’s usually a central point of contact, you invariably need input from multiple people or departments. Swat.io really helps when you’re dealing with that kind of structure and when you’re communicating across multiple channels. All of the information is in one place, so you can forget about confusing, untraceable Excel spreadsheets and email chains. The features of Swat.io make our work so much easier!”

Features Used

  • Central content calendar for an editorial planning overview
  • Central ticket inbox for cross-channel community management
  • Analytical data for detailed reporting
  • Tags for user-defined evaluation
  • Activity log for complete traceability
  • Assignment of posts and tickets for optimal teamwork
  • Internal notes for easy sharing
  • Bit.ly integration for shorter links
  • Target group restrictions on Facebook posts