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“Thanks to Swat.io, our customers can focus on what really matters.”

Nina Vetsch is Online Marketing Manager at DACHCOM and responsible for social media. She explains how the agency handles social media marketing for its customers so that it’s fun for them, too.


DACHCOM is a Swiss full-service communications agency covering every field from traditional marketing through to digital approaches. With around a hundred employees spread over six sites, the agency supports customers across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. DACHCOM sees itself not just as a provider of ideas, concepts and solutions, but also as a multifaceted partner for integrated communication.

Bespoke Social Media Strategies for Various Goals

DACHCOM supports a wide array of customers who all have different requirements and approaches in terms of social media marketing. Each customer’s social media marketing goals also differ greatly: B2B customers are primarily interested in using niche topics to appeal to the relevant target groups and generate new contacts, while B2C customers focus on interacting with their community and entering into dialog with them.

DACHCOM’s priority is to find the perfect strategy for every customer. When it comes to full-service solutions, social media sometimes needs to be actively proposed to customers or sometimes even deliberately avoided.

Making Social Media Accessible for Customers

As a full-service agency, DACHCOM often has to convince its customers of the value that social media can bring. Lots of customers believe that they don’t have enough time for social media management, or that their company doesn’t deal with anything of relevance to social media.

DACHCOM gets the process started with a workshop to clarify goals and expectations of social media and to develop topics to focus on. Alongside this, the agency creates an extensive concept for channels, content and posting strategies. The operational execution is handled either by DACHCOM or the customer themselves, depending on what the latter wants. This is where Swat.io comes in.

Handling Operational Tasks Seamlessly with Swat.io

DACHCOM deals with all its social media management via Swat.io. After consultation with the customer, editorial plans are created in the tool itself, often for two months in advance. This long-range planning means there are no unexpected gaps. Some customers receive their own Swat.io login, so they can have a straightforward overview of their channels and publish content themselves. Plus, customers love the analytics area in the tool, which gives them an easy-to-use overview so they don’t need to contact the agency with every little question that crops up.

Swat.io has made DACHCOM’s customer communications easier in every respect. There’s no longer any need to send screenshots back and forth, with approval processes actioned transparently within the tool. Content production within the agency has also been simplified, thanks to the workflows in Swat.io, which give everyone an overview and save time. All of those customers who previously thought they didn’t have enough time for social media can now manage their channels easily and efficiently.

Why the Team at DACHCOM Chose Swat.io


What impact has Swat.io had since you started using it?

“We save so much time compared with before. Previously, we sent the text for social media posts internally as Word documents, with the relevant images as a separate download. When something got changed, this gave rise to different versions, which made everything very messy. Now, everyone involved can access the posts directly. That saves a lot of time when coordinating with our customers, too.”

What made you choose Swat.io?

“We aim to provide our customers with social media marketing that’s as easy as possible. We want them to enjoy it! Thanks to Swat.io, they can concentrate on what matters, without wasting time on administrative tasks.”

Who would you recommend Swat.io to?

“I recommend Swat.io to so many customers, especially if they’re using multiple channels. It makes the whole process easier. Apart from that, I also recommend it to customers who only use LinkedIn, as LinkedIn itself doesn’t offer any planning tool.”

Features Used

  • Assignment of posts and tickets, facilitating straightforward teamwork
  • External forwarding of tickets via email
  • Internal notes for coordinated information-sharing within the team
  • Activity log to track every action
  • Analytics area for cross-channel social media insights
  • Content-planning export for approval outside Swat.io