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“Swat.io quickly pays off for every social media project.”

Social Media Erfolgsgeschichte: Jack Coleman
The agency Jack Coleman makes success a reality for its customers, thanks to its strategic approach to social media management. CEO Christian Wolf reveals how Swat.io helps the team to do so.
Social Media Erfolgsgeschichte: Jack Coleman

About Jack Coleman

Jack Coleman is a 360° advertising agency. Online communication and social media have played a key role ever since the agency was founded a good ten years ago. This focus on new media and digital marketing has been a key driver of Jack Coleman’s growth in the past.

The multi-disciplinary team now numbers sixteen people, who primarily focus on media production, text and social media. Jack Coleman also offers professional events services, although they have taken a bit of a back seat in recent years due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Out of the Box With Stringent Strategic Requirements

The agency pursues a highly strategic approach to its social media work. To start off, the team wants to understand who the customer is, who the product is targeted at and how you can reach this audience with the right communication. This strategy always encompasses a blend of traditional and digital channels. The firm starts by working with the key communications parameters before adding an out-of-the-box thought or two, making sure that every strategy doesn’t just tread the same old ground in terms of communications. On social media, the concept of going viral is particularly appealing.

Social Media Erfolgsgeschichte: Jack Coleman


channels managed (in March 2022)


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The Recipe for Success: Good Planning and Lots of Trust

The fast pace and diversity of the social media landscape pose challenges at Jack Coleman, too. New channels are tapped into, and trends come and go in next to no time. There are some topics you need to tap into, or leave behind, at less than a day’s notice. This requires solid, swift processes for seeking approval from customers.

As a result, it’s important for Jack Coleman to ensure its customers trust the agency’s skills. In turn, this enables the customer and the agency to take the right track together, launch tests and adapt strategies to new situations on an ongoing basis.

The Jack Coleman team meets with customers on a monthly basis for a sign-off on their social media content. They discuss concrete topics for posts as well as potential future content. The Swat.io editorial calendar comes into play for ensuring clear planning in this respect.

Social Media Erfolgsgeschichte: Jack Coleman

Clear Management of Projects of All Sizes

The social media management tool Swat.io supports the team at Jack Coleman in their collaboration with agency customers. Its major benefit? The fact that all the channels can be managed via a centralized platform, making day-to-day publishing and scheduling much easier. For major customers, the agency sets up their own projects in Swat.io. All their contacts are given access to the tool, where they are able to leave feedback on drafts and approve them. Approved posts are published on the platform in question at the planned time. The channels for smaller customers, conversely, run within the agency’s Swat.io workspace. Once they’ve built up a certain size and relevance on social media, they’re converted into independent projects. This process highlights how channels are grown in a targeted fashion.

Thanks to the clear traffic light system in Swat.io’s editorial calendar, the team can immediately see which posts have already been approved and which still need to be edited. Plus, the ability to duplicate posts across channels saves a lot of time. In the analytics area, the team has a swift overview of particular KPIs, such as the community mood or positive and negative influencers.

Why the Team at Jack Coleman Chose Swat.io


What impact has Swat.io had since you started using it?

“We’ve harmonized our organizational processes when it comes to using social media, which has enhanced our performance: we’ve gotten quicker at creating posts and our team is better networked with our customers. Swat.io lets us save time, and we pass those savings straight on to our customers, so they pay less for the same result at the end of the day.”

What made you choose Swat.io?

“Various factors led to the decision. It’s always important to us that we have a personal contact when we’re entering into a collaboration. Plus, we like to make sure that our tools are backed by a certain amount of innovation. For social media in particular, we set great store by data security and servers being located in Europe. Swat.io impressed us in all these respects.”

Who would you recommend Swat.io to?

“We recommend Swat.io to all our (new) customers. There’s no pitch and no initial consultation where we don’t offer Swat.io from the off. For us, part of strategic support includes recommending efficient workflows and processes. Of course, it’s not free for our customers. But the additional agency hours that would be incurred without Swat.io would be even more expensive. So, it quickly pays off for every social media project.”

Features Used

  • Central editorial calendar for transparent planning
  • Centralized management of all your channels in one tool
  • Intuitive approval system for simple teamwork
  • Duplication of posts across profiles and platforms
  • Cross-channel analytics data