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“Swat.io Frees up Headspace”

Thomas Tobias and Aviva Killian work in the Social Media Management team at LEWITT. They explain how Swat.io helps them eliminate uncertainty and interact with the community more effectively.


LEWITT is a microphone manufacturer founded in Vienna in 2010. Its mission is to provide high-end recording devices for everyone. They make devices to a high technical standard but price them within reach of a broad user base. Initially favored by high-end studios, their products were hailed as a breakthrough. LEWITT then started targeting groups that are underrepresented within the industry. They put professional recording quality within reach of less technically experienced users and small-scale producers.

LEWITT is in tune with new production methods like home recording. In recent years, it has increasingly concentrated on products that are affordable and technically accessible for non-professionals. As things like live streaming became more popular, LEWITT became a bestseller by enabling home recording artists to achieve good sound quality.

Getting Close to the Community With Social Media

LEWITT’s products are as close to the customer as it gets. So they work closely with musicians and engineers in developing their products. Another key social media goal is getting close to their community. The team sees social media as a place where it can reach people who are interested in LEWITT and sound recording in general. It makes products accessible and teaches users new recording techniques. At the same time, social media channels give the LEWITT team an insight into the work and needs of its target group.

It also uses social media to extend its reach. Its message – that anyone can achieve professional sound quality – is intended to broaden its target group.

LEWITT engineering

Over 10,000

comments from fans and followers on average per month


more fans and followers across different channels since switching to Swat.io

Maintaining Dialog – and a System

LEWITT enters into intensive dialog with its social media community. It responds to every comment and sees every interaction as an opportunity to find out more about users and understand the problems and challenges that they face. But this kind of direct communication requires considerable resources. Single comments often spark extensive discussions. It also takes a lot of effort to keep on producing quality content. And it’s impossible to predict how many interactions a post or campaign will spark.

How to keep on top of all this within a manageable workload? The LEWITT team soon realized they needed a reliable tool to manage social media systematically.

LEWITT Instagram

Integrated Social Media Management in a Centralized Tool

Swat.io lets LEWITT plan a lot of its social media in advance without sacrificing scope for spontaneous responses. With the whole marketing team jointly responsible for social media, the tool brings together lots of different strands. They use Swat.io to cover the entire editorial process. At the start of the week, the team creates and approves the content for the coming days. Integrated approval processes make coordination easier and reduce errors. This frees up the team’s headspace and improves their high-level view of things.

As a central platform for social media management, Swat.io minimizes bureaucracy. Even employees who aren’t directly involved in social media editorial planning can put interesting content into the tool at any time. The Video Content and Influencer Marketing teams can easily propose content for social media. The tool also facilitates analysis at LEWITT. In their monthly social media review, they analyze posts in the calendar view, with data from the statistics area fed into the overall social media reporting.

In community management, linking up profiles across different channels with the customer relationship management system can be very helpful. This makes it easier to identify top fans internally and improve the quality of community management.

What LEWITT Has Been Able to Avoid Thanks to Swat.io

Content planning in Excel
Uncertainty in the workflow
Inefficient social media processes

Why the Team at LEWITT Chose Swat.io


How has Swat.io impacted your work since you started using it?

“Swat.io makes our social media management systematic. It automates processes, provides certainty and minimizes sources of error. This makes our work easier and more efficient. Our Instagram channel, in particular, has seen astounding growth since we started working systematically.”

Why did you choose Swat.io?

“Swat.io keeps our social media work under control. We tested a number of tools, but the workflow in Swat.io appealed to us the most. The processes are straightforward and the overview is fantastic.”

Who would you recommend Swat.io to?

“Anyone working in social media management!”

Features Used

  • Central ticket inbox for responding to all social media interactions
  • Activity log for a complete overview of posts and tickets
  • Editorial calendar for central, joint content planning
  • Automation for automatic execution of recurring tasks
  • Integrated approval process for manageable teamwork
  • Integrated customer relationship management for better quality community management
  • Statistics for detailed internal reporting