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“Internal Collaboration Has Suddenly Become Really Straightforward.”

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Armin Rogl is a managing partner at the digital agency MediaBrothers. He explains the approach his team takes to carrying out successful social media campaigns, and how Swat.io is helping build connections to enable constructive collaboration.
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About MediaBrothers

MediaBrothers is a digital agency in Vienna that places a lot of emphasis on social media. Originally started as a Facebook agency, the team has evolved into a comprehensive online marketing agency, and always focuses on creativity as their top priority. Among their most well-known clients are Erste Bank and Sparkasse, the Lutz Group, B. Braun, Österreich Werbung, ServusTV and Geizhals.

The Perfect Blend of Content, Strategy and Collaboration

When it comes to planning social media campaigns, MediaBrothers has a guiding principle: “You can’t get anywhere without a good idea.” A good campaign concept is at the heart of every project. At the same time, any social media channel needs to be established based on a well-considered strategy in order to achieve a wide reach. The right mix of creative content ideas and skilled implementation is required. The challenge is not just populating the entire range of social media channels with the right content and addressing the right target groups for each channel, but also keeping clients informed and managing approvals efficiently.

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Wanted: A Tool to Provide an Optimal Overview and Improve Teamwork

Dialog with their own clients is an essential part of good collaboration in the agency’s day-to-day social media business. In terms of content planning, editorial plans need to be approved, while experts' knowledge is often needed for tricky questions in community management.

Swat.io makes sure that every area of responsibility has the necessary structure. The content calendar enables transparent planning, while also providing space for straightforward discussion and collaboration with clients. Community management often has to deal with huge volumes – which is a sign that the strategy is working. Thanks to the ticket system, all inquiries are always clearly assigned and traceable, so nothing gets overlooked. In the case of sensitive or technically complex questions, clients can be consulted simply and directly via the activity log.

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From Seamless Consultation to Comprehensive Analysis

For any clients that value content planning and community management, MediaBrothers relies on Swat.io. One particularly important reason for this is the simplified approval process. Requests no longer take place in complicated emails – all it takes is the brief question “Can you approve this for me, please?” in Swat.io.

Community management also covers complaint management and service. These messages are dealt with seamlessly in Swat.io and categorized and evaluated using tags. This makes it easy to establish if a particular branch is receiving a lot of complaints, for example. Using the integrated customer relationship management system, the team can also see at a glance whether someone has already mentioned a specific topic and what their attitude is towards the business.

The analysis of incoming comments also plays an important role in internal reporting. The quantity and quality of community feedback can also be used to assess which content is working well.

What MediaBrothers Has Been Able to Avoid by Using Swat.io

A huge number of emails for every approval
Forgotten queries in community management
Content planning using Excel spreadsheets

Why the Team at MediaBrothers Chose Swat.io


What impact has Swat.io had since you started using it?

“Internal processes have suddenly become much easier. We are always reliant on receiving information and approval from our clients. Because we’re not sitting in an office together, we used to use thousands of emails and long Excel spreadsheets, which was often unbelievably chaotic. Swat.io makes everything transparent; things can’t be forgotten or overlooked, and all open tasks can be assigned to the right person at the click of a button. The tool helps us on every level and makes our processes much easier.”

What made you choose Swat.io?

“Two reasons: firstly, Swat.io appealed most in terms of the scope of its features. We tested several tools and Swat.io offered all the features we needed in a clear, compact interface. This makes it easy for our clients to work with the tool as well. Secondly, Swat.io is an Austrian company and the personal support we get compared with other providers is a huge advantage.”

Who would you recommend Swat.io to?

“We actively recommend Swat.io to all of our clients that include social media in their strategy in any way. The tool reduces the workload enormously – our agency colleagues are really impressed by it, too.”

Features Used

  • Content calendar for clear editorial planning
  • Tags in community management for high-quality analysis of inquiries
  • Internal notes for discussion with clients
  • Assigning tickets and posts for effective collaboration
  • Central ticket inbox for straightforward community management
  • Integrated CRM for efficient communication with end customers