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Medizinische Universität Wien
Raffaela Löbl is a member of the PR department at the MedUni Vienna and is primarily responsible for social media. She explains how she enables people to experience the various aspects of the university and how Swat.io makes content planning easier.
Medizinische Universität Wien: Forschung

About the MedUni Vienna

The Medical University of Vienna is one of Europe’s most historic institutions for medical training and research. With around 8,000 students, it is now the largest medical training institution in any German-speaking country. Home to 6,000 employees, 30 university clinics and two clinical institutes, 13 centers for the theory of medicine and numerous highly specialist laboratories, it is also one of the leading institutions in Europe for top-class biomedical research. The MedUni Vienna also has a museum of the history of medicine, the Josephinum. Its PR department is responsible for communications at every part of the MedUni.

Showing the Faces of Research and Teaching

The MedUni’s goal for its social media work is to showcase its research, teaching and clinical practice. Topics include recent scientific studies, research awards and insights into students’ day-to-day life, illustrated with photos of real students or employees to give a realistic peek behind the scenes. The team uses a lot of storytelling, often with video content and a focus on what sets the people and topics at the MedUni apart.

For the team, it’s crucial to communicate in a way that works for its target audience. MedUni appeals to incoming students, doctors and researchers, right through to interested members of the public: it appeals to a plethora of target groups. In turn, they are all interested in different aspects and are to be found on various platforms.

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Solid Content Processes for a Comprehensive Pool of Topics

Within the PR department, social media is linked to the general editorial team, which prepares topics for the MedUni’s various internal and external channels. The team has to decide how the content could be presented on social networks, or whether it is better suited to newsletters or the website. There are all kinds of exciting topics to be found at the MedUni – but the challenge in terms of social media management lies in filtering topics and presenting them in a way that’s appropriate for the target audience at hand. Content needs to be prepared specifically for social media. To do so, the team needs to get into a good rhythm with processes that work smoothly. Examples include content series such as the #expertcheck format during the pandemic or Researcher of the Month.

A corporate design guide for social media was drawn up to ensure workflows worked seamlessly, setting out how an event should be posted on the various channels or the format in which photos should be shared. The MedUni opted for Swat.io so it could handle all its social media management with zero fuss.

Medizinische Universität Wien: Universitätscampus

A Pristine Overview and Clear Responsibilities

Raffaela Löbl handles social media management at the MedUni. Swat.io makes her day-to-day work easier – primarily due to its centralized content calendar. This lets her see at a glance what content is ready for publication and where there is space for new content. 

Swat.io also makes it easier for her to hand tasks over to her other team members, whether it’s integrating colleagues who produce videos or including employees reporting live from events on social media. The assigning function makes it easier to coordinate with other colleagues on the content of posts and community management questions. Speed is everything on social media. In terms of community management, Raffaela Löbl has a clear overview of new messages in the Swat.io inbox and can respond to them from there. If she has a question about something technical, she can link to an expert and get a response without leaving the tool. This means it’s always clear who’s responsible for what. Swat.io makes collaboration easier when people are on vacation because content can be planned clearly and easily in advance.

Why the Team at the Medical University of Vienna Chose Swat.io


What impact has Swat.io had since you started using it?

“I can’t imagine social media management at the MedUni Vienna without Swat.io. I have worked without a tool at other companies, but it’s much better if you don’t have to use your cellphone to post content. The preview feature when drafting posts is also very helpful.”

Who would you recommend Swat.io to?

“Anyone running more than three platforms, especially if you’re posting every day and publishing a lot of content. I’d also recommend Swat.io if you want to precisely adapt your content to particular target audience – its clear overview makes it child’s play.”

Features Used

  • Central content calendar for transparent planning
  • Assignment of posts and tickets for straightforward teamwork
  • Internal notes for simple coordination
  • Central ticket inbox for fast responses