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“At Some Point, an Excel Spreadsheet Wasn’t Enough Anymore.”

Christina Zagorschak and Daniel Rebernegg are in charge of social media and community management at Promedico. They explain to us how Promedico has used Swat.io to dramatically simplify its coordination processes and grow its social media community.
Social Media Auftritte Pure Encapsulations

About Promedico

Promedico sells health care products, most prominently under the micronutrient brand Pure Encapsulations®. The family business is based in Graz and employs 100 staff in Austria and Germany. The team shares its extensive knowledge of micronutrients and a healthy lifestyle on social media. Three employees working in social media develop an exciting editorial plan and deal with the concerns of the community in close collaboration with other departments.

To ensure that the coordination processes remain transparent and in order to maintain an overview in community management, even when lots of queries come up, the team started looking for a social media management tool.

Social Media: An Indispensable Way to Reach Customers

Promedico found a voice for its Pure Encapsulations® brand on social media, allowing it to reach its end customers. Because the products are sold exclusively through pharmacies, social networks are one of the most important direct contact points with end customers. The product motto of “healthy optimism” is conveyed via social media: Pure Encapsulations® uses its channels to share information about different health care topics, and wants to encourage its customers to lead a healthy lifestyle. The challenge is that the team must always comply with the nutrition and health claims regulation – an EU regulation that sets out clear provisions for nutritional claims made in advertisements. The in-house legal department therefore needs to be closely involved in content creation.

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new fans and followers across all channels since using Swat.io


comments per month (annual average)


monthly reach for the Pure Encapsulations® page on Facebook
(annual average)


posts per month across all channels
(annual average)

Approval processes: How Coordination Between Departments Has Been Dramatically Simplified

Day-to-day business in the Promedico social media team involves a lot of coordination. From planning posts to dealing with user messages, regular expert input is required from the legal and scientific departments. Confusing Excel spreadsheets and endless email chains with screenshots of comments used to be sent throughout the company. Approval is often needed twice, as detailed health care questions frequently go beyond the knowledge of the social media team.

In order to maintain an overview, Promedico decided to start using Swat.io. All its channels can be coordinated within the tool to ensure a consistent brand presence. The central ticket inbox makes it easy to coordinate all user inquiries.

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Easy Management and Centralized Planning: How Swat.io Impressed Promedico

Swat.io won over Promedico with its ease of use. The tool is easy to get to grips with, meaning that all the departments could get started with it straightaway. The features required are clearly displayed and easy to use. Actions can be taken seamlessly, the mood in the community can be analyzed, and competitions and promotions can be carried out much more easily. In the area of community management in particular, Swat.io enables the team to apply a structured approach. This ensures that not a single comment is missed, and input from other departments can be gained systematically.

If a team member is sick or on vacation, it’s easy for someone else to step in. The entire editorial plan and all social media communications can be viewed by all team members at all times, and are clear and transparent.

What Promedico Has Been Able to Avoid Since Using Swat.io

Confusing Excel spreadsheets
Endless email chains
Chaotic approval processes

Why the Team at Promedico Chose Swat.io


What impact has Swat.io had since you started using it?

“It saves us a lot of time. Processes are handled much more efficiently and we can maintain an overview of all our activities. The community and the number of interactions is also growing. The community really appreciates that someone is taking care of their inquiries and is providing high-quality responses. This also allows us to get to know our customers and their needs much better.”

What made you choose Swat.io?

“First of all, we were impressed by the workflows and features. We also had a very good feeling about the Swat.io team from day one. Thanks to our brilliant contacts at the company we have always felt well looked after. We’ve been given excellent support and have always felt valued in all communications. And if we have any questions or concerns, we always receive honest responses and rapid support.”

Who would you recommend Swat.io to?

“Anyone who cares about high-quality community management. Businesses that want to grow their community or increase interactions would be well advised to use Swat.io. We would also wholeheartedly recommend Swat.io in any instances where multiple people are working together on an editorial plan or different colleagues are involved in approval processes.”

Features Used

  • Ticket inbox for transparent community management
  • Internal notes for simplified approval processes
  • Notes on tickets for questions between departments
  • Editorial calendar for good coordination within the team
  • Analysis of the mood of the community and individual users
  • Response templates for efficient communication with users
  • Analytics data for management reports