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“Community Management Would Be a Complete Non-Starter for us Without Swat.io.”

stern TV really values interaction with its social media community. Thomas Konzett, Head of Social Media, and Henrik Wittmann, Head of Digital, explain why a social media management tool is indispensable in their day-to-day work.
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About stern TV

stern TV is a magazine-style TV show which provides up-to-date information and entertaining features. The format was first broadcast on RTL in 1990. stern TV runs for just under two hours every Wednesday evening. It also provides its audience with interesting information and discussion topics on social media every day. The team maintains contact with its audience through social content and appropriate community management. stern TV is a product of I&U TV, a prize-winning TV production company. The Cologne-based company covers the entire production process behind stern TV, from end to end.

Multi-Channel Strategy With a Strong Community Focus

stern TV really values interaction with its target group on social media. The goal of its social media strategy is to get users discussing the topics covered in the show. It’s also meant to raise the profile of the brand by expanding its reach. Community management and community building are key here.

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are the main social media channels for stern TV. Facebook is their leading channel, with a loyal community ensuring organic reach. This is where they put topics up for discussion. Users often have such interesting stories to tell that they are invited to speak about them on the show. The community is also growing rapidly on Instagram. Here, content focuses on excerpts from the studio and striking quotes from the show. YouTube serves primarily as an archive for previously broadcast episodes. This expands their reach even further, and puts them in contact with another target group.

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Tackling the Right Topics and Addressing Queries Individually

The social media team is made up of two editors and two community managers. The challenge for them is to adapt the topics covered in the show for the various channels. The team is constantly looking for that sweet spot in a story – the element that’s most likely to spark discussion. This isn’t necessarily the main theme of the show. The social media editorial plan has to tailor topics to target groups to encourage comments and messages. They use a variety of content formats, including videos, teaser clips, picture quotes and link posts.

Community management often involves highly individual concerns. The team is committed to capturing everything and using it in an editorial sense. They want users to feel that their views are given individual consideration. This makes contact with stern TV a positive experience. Swat.io means the stern TV team can bring that personal touch to social media management without losing sight of the big picture.

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Straightforward Community Management, Even at Peak Times

The stern TV community is highly active, with community management receiving over 10,000 comments and personal stories every week. Without a tool to pool comments, these numbers would be unmanageable. The peak time for the team is Wednesday evening, when the live show is broadcast. But Swat.io keeps everything in order.

The team particularly values the ticket assignment function. Some comments they simply forward to the editorial team, particularly feedback or questions about the contents of the show. They also use the Swat.io role system if they simply need a colleague to read the comment or leave internal notes. For messages that relate to specific themes, the team likes to use tags. This allows them to group together tickets or user profiles relating to particular topics and easily find them again later.

Why the Team at stern TV Chose Swat.io


How has Swat.io impacted your work since you started using it?

“We’ve been using Swat.io ever since we launched our social media presence. Community management on this scale would be impossible without it.”

Why did you choose Swat.io?

“Because Swat.io is just very good at community management. We were really impressed by the overview. And having a separate ticket for each post, rather than every individual comment – that makes our work easier.”

Who would you recommend Swat.io to?

“I’d recommend Swat.io to any social media team that has to answer lots of comments and posts, even if they’re looking after different channels.”

Features Used

  • Central ticket inbox for an overview of community management
  • Assignment of tickets for better teamwork
  • Pooling of multiple channels in a single tool
  • Tags on comments for standalone evaluation
  • Role system for a clear structure in teamwork