Twitter is one of the most popular social networks and the largest source of breaking news and information. No other channel places greater importance on your being where it’s at, when it’s happening. And that’s where is coming in. We make it easy and efficient to perfectly balance your presence on Twitter and other Social Media platforms.

Our clear content calendar gives you the perfect overview of all scheduled and published posts. Plan your content on Twitter and other channels and collaborate with your team. Easily assign, tag, reschedule and approve posts only using a few clicks. Perfectly handle incoming comments and customer requests using the central ticket inbox. Never lose track of anything in community management with the integrated activity log and the easy assignment of tickets. The analytics section shows you how your community is growing and how your posts are performing in terms of reach. It also offers you sentiment analysis. Always keep up-to-date about your performance and see the most important metrics at a glance!

At, we offer far more than a simple social media tool - we’ve got great solutions and amazing features! You get a fully integrated web monitoring feature, a user-friendly social customer relationship management, automated task execution and (rumor has it) the world’s best support team to help you whenever any questions or problems pop up. Learn more about how to make your work easier and even better with our social media tool for Twitter and schedule your personal demo now!

Your Twitter Management: What you’re missing out on right now, and how will fill that void

  • 📋 Planning and scheduling tweets in collaboration with your team
  • ✏ Creating text, link, image, multi-image and video tweets
  • 📫 Efficient Community Management with a single ticket inbox
  • 🏊‍♂️ Tried and tested workflows for perfect team collaboration
  • 🐥 Directly posting to Twitter without logging on to the platform
  • 🔭 Web Monitoring for your industry, products and brand
  • 🎨 Assigning, discussing and approving upcoming posts

Your next Social Media love story

Features you will love for managing your Twitter page


Agile editorial planning for all channels

Schedule and publish your posts on all supported channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Business Reviews and LinkedIn. You can publish posts right away or schedule them to be automatically published at a set date and time. The calendar gives you a clear overview of your editorial plan with all suggested, scheduled and published posts.

Reliable approval processes and social media communication

Working in a team requires special structures and possibilities. Reliable workflows and integrated approval processes ensure internal feedback loops in the social media content planning phase. All changes and internal comments for suggested posts are saved in the post’s activity log and can be viewed and traced at any time.

Community management with a single ticket inbox is your universal ticket inbox for all comments, posts, mentions, private and direct messages across all of your social media channels. It enables fast response times and efficient assignment of tickets to the team member in charge. Plus, if you enable automations, this feature will do the community management work for you.

Twitter Enterprise API for better results

Twitter’s enterprise API suite is changing the way organizations are making decisions and solving problems. We are a Twitter Enterprise API customer and consequently offer you the highest level of access and reliability when it comes to Twitter data: you can fully search tweet archives, filter, sample and batch tweets and get several metrics that are only available for Enterprise API customers.
Listen to the online crowd

Listen to your market with web monitoring offers web monitoring and listening directly inside the tool. Monitor all important topics, phrases, hashtags and mentions with flexible monitoring search phrases and gain valuable industry insights.

Analyse And Assess Your Activities

By taking a look at the most important performance metrics of your social media channels you will get a quick overview of the most relevant information about your community, content, individually set tags, tickets and team members. With this information you can measure and assess the success of your social media strategy. Of course, all collected data can be exported for further use and editing.

Support to swoon over, always by your side

If you have a great idea for a new feature, feel lost with something or are unable to find a specific feature, our support team is happy to help you. Genuinely nice people with lots of know-how are responding within a few minutes on average. Needless to say, we are treating everyone equally, with care and professionalism, no matter if you are already our customer, or just getting to know us.

Put your data in trusted hands

You care about your data? So do we, which is why we are storing your data in two redundant data centers in Vienna, Austria operated by our ISO/IEC 20000-1 certified IT partner. In addition, certain data is stored via Amazon Web Services in a data center in Frankfurt, Germany. We adhere to several self-regulatory frameworks, including the GDPR, and review our compliance regularly.

The very best of our customer Success Stories

Lisa und Kerrin sind für Social Media bei der Österreichischen Post und der bank99 zuständig.

Ă–sterreichische Post

Lisa-Maria Kepplinger and Kerrin JĂĽrgensen work as social media managers for the Austrian Post and bank99. By using, they master challenges in customer service on social media and create an overview in internal processes.
VERBUND Mitarbeiter in Freudenau


Flora König is Social Media Manager in the Content Creation unit at VERBUND. Several companies and departments are involved in social media management. With, the collaboration works smoothly.


ambuzzador consults customers in communication and innovation. The team implements innovation-driven social media marketing for their clients using
Brot fĂĽr die Welt: Aktionismus

Brot fĂĽr die Welt

Bread for the World Germany brings the organization's work to life on social media. With, the team simplifies collaboration and always maintains a perfect overview.


Caritas Austria is divided into nine sub-organizations. With, the decentralized team still manages to communicate in a consistent way.
UNIQA Erfolgsgeschichte


The social media team of the insurance company UNIQA needs clear approval processes to work in a structured way. simplifies their internal collaboration.
Intersport CH Erfolgsgeschichte


Ana Ivanovic is Content Manager at INTERSPORT Switzerland. She explains how she is using to plan social media content in the most time-efficient way while keeping a perfect overview.
Douglas Skincare


Douglas Austria uses to simplify social media content planning. The social media management tool supports the team significantly in establishing a consistent brand image.
Zotter Herstellung

Zotter Schokolade

Zotter Schokolade uses social media to build and intensify relationships with customers. Using, the team has become faster in answering comments and has optimized the content production process.

der Standard

Lisa Stadler is Social Media Manager at, an Austrian newspaper that highly values their community. Thanks to, the team handles community management on social media efficiently and clearly.
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Feature by Feature

  • 🔔 Automatic notification of advertisers with budget recommendation and duration when a post is published
  • 💐 Clear colour coding of planned, approved, unpublished and published posts
  • 🤭 Re-assignment of reopened tickets to the last user
  • 📑 Upload any file format up to 25MB in the activity log
  • 🤡 Tickets for comments only containing a mention or emoji automatically marked as read
  • 🗒 Post hover cards with detailed information about the post
  • 🐺 Raw data export of statistical data for further processing
  • 📹 Add subtitles for Facebook video posts
  • 🍱 Filter options by channel, private or public messages
  • 🦉 Ticket watching: posts you didn’t edit yourself can be watched and guided
  • 🏊‍♂️ Excellent usability and proven workflows at all levels
  • 😎 Inbox ticket for posts where my page was mentioned in the comments
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