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“Swat.io helps us speed up our community management hugely.”

Julia Badura is a Digital Marketing Manager at Neuroth. She explains how multiple departments work together on community management, without losing track of everything.

About Neuroth

Neuroth looks after people’s ears. This Austrian family-run company offers products and solutions relating to everything to do with hearing, from ear protection to hearing aids right through to various services. Under the philosophy of “Hear better, live better”, Neuroth has become a veritable titan in Austria and Europe over the last 115 years.

Having poor hearing is often a taboo topic – but Neuroth wants to use its communications to ease the concerns of people affected by this. Its aim is for using a hearing aid to be as normal as wearing glasses. This is one of the focus areas for the team’s social media content.

Tips, Information and Interaction

Neuroth’s goal for social media management is to make its target audience more familiar with topics relating to hearing and ear protection. And how do they do it? With info, tips and tricks. Its topics range from info posts about how many decibels our sense of hearing can withstand through to tips on handling noise and looking after hearing aids. They use various strategies to do this, such as posting quiz questions on their Instagram stories to encourage interaction.

Alongside informational content, Neuroth occasionally runs sales campaigns and employer branding on social media.



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A Clear Overview Saves Time in Community Management

Neuroth’s social media management team faces the challenge of dealing with large volumes of comments. A successful campaign was the first time the team was confronted with an overwhelming number of comments trickling in continuously from around 20 ads. This didn’t just make it tricky to process: it also practically swamped their personnel resources.

Lead-driven campaigns generate lots of comments on an ongoing basis, but the team wants to spark discussions and answer all the questions raised. If there is criticism, their goal is to get involved and clarify the situation. Neuroth started looking for a social media tool so they could handle this smoothly and save time.

Centralized Community Management Across Departments

Neuroth uses the Swat.io inbox for its community management, with this tool used day in, day out by various teams. In turn, they form a tight-knit network across the group. Country-specific tickets are allocated with the assign feature. If there are questions, the team members can add a link and discuss the issue in the team itself. The forwarding feature even enables tickets to be sent via email to people without Swat.io access in just a few clicks, which means that work can be divided up with zero hassle.

The integrated monitoring feature is used in the corporate communications team (and elsewhere) so they have the best possible overview of discussions and topics. In Swat.io, all the community management tasks are managed centrally, so users can easily keep on top of everything in one place.

Why the Team at Neuroth Chose Swat.io


What impact has Swat.io had since you started using it?

“Previously, our community management was such a complex task. Sometimes, things were overlooked or notifications in Facebook didn’t work reliably. With Swat.io, we’re on top of everything. We can now process the various countries separately and divide up tasks much better internally – without having to log into multiple platforms.”

What made you choose Swat.io?

“The main reason was that Swat.io was also linked to Google My Business and we were looking for a solution that would let us handle all our community management in one place. With Swat.io, we can respond on every channel from one centralized location, which saves tons of time.”

Who would you recommend Swat.io to?

“I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone who has anything to do with social media marketing. The tool is a huge help for community management, in particular. Swat.io makes your work so easy: nothing gets overlooked and you save so much time.”

Features Used

  • Central ticket inbox for transparent community management
  • Assignment of colleagues for a straightforward division of work
  • Email forwarding of tickets to people without a Swat.io account
  • Analytics area with an overview of important data
  • Sentiment analysis to analyze community mood
  • Monitoring for an overview of current discussions and topics