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Community Management

Engagement can be the reason for failure or success of your social media campaign. Learn how to successfully engage your users!

Social Media Monitoring Guide

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Community Management and Engagement

Interactions or engagement are probably the most important ingredient in successful social media marketing. If your target group spends time with your posts, likes them, comments on them, or shares them with friends, it pays off positively for the customer relationship.

On social media, users engage in dialog with you. Expectations towards companies are rising as a result. In customer service, for example, users expect significantly faster response times on social media than on other channels. To ensure a positive experience, you should take every social media interaction seriously and respond quickly.

Responding to messages and comments on social media is usually referred to as community management. It involves taking care of the online community around your brand. The goals of community management can be to increase interactions or to grow the size of the community.

Many companies use a community management tool when they manage several channels or a certain amount of social media interaction. The advantage of this is that all social media channels can be managed from one central location. With a single inbox, all interactions can be viewed and responded to in one place.