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Bring your social media management back into balance – our tips and guides will help you to optimally implement your strategy.


Social Media Management

Managing channels, maintaining the social media editorial schedule and interacting with the social media community: Social media management combines numerous areas of responsibility. In this category, you'll learn how to efficiently manage your social media strategy.

By definition, social media management involves managing all of a company's social media activities. This includes creating and publishing social media posts, screening and responding to messages from the community, and measuring the success of various social media activities. Strategies such as influencer marketing or viral marketing are also frequently used.

The foundation for successful social media management is an appealing corporate presence on the selected channels. This includes complete information, proper descriptions and profile pictures, as well as CI-compliant communication.

For teams, efficient collaboration and the automation of routine tasks play a particularly important role in social media management. Professional social media management tools are generally used for this purpose.