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Learn how to properly evaluate various social media activities and always keep an eye on the effectiveness of your measures.


Social Media Analytics

Only with regular and comprehensive social media analysis you will find out what effect your social media marketing has. This is not only important for assessing the success of individual channels or measures. Social media analysis helps you to measure your work and determine the value of social media marketing for the company.

There are different ways to analyze your social media management. In many cases, metrics such as interaction rate or click-through rate are used. These can be used to assess the effect of individual posts or entire campaigns. For organic social media activities and ads, there are usually different types of analyzing chosen. For social media ads, ROI (return on investment) is often relevant. A particularly exciting type of analysis is sentiment analysis. With it, you measure the mood within your social media community.

Which social media metrics are relevant can be derived from your goals. It's best to define them as soon as you define your strategy. That way, you can measure the right social media KPIs right from the start.

If you regularly perform social media analyses, you can save a lot of time by using a tool. All the data you need from all your networks is collected centrally in one place. This ensures an optimal overview.