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Remarkable Success Stories From our Customers

Stories written by Swat.io: Our customers share the problems and challenges they successfully solve with Swat.io.
Fernuniversität in Hagen (c) Torsten Silz

FernUniversität in Hagen

Oliver Baentsch and Daniel Rommel work in the social media team at FernUniversität in Hagen. They talk about how they strategically address their diverse target group on social media and how Swat.io makes their work easier.


Karin Strasser and Miriam Hofstätter collaborate with many departments in social media management at LINZ AG. To plan content clearly and work together smoothly, they use Swat.io.
Social Media Erfolgsgeschichte von VERDINO


The creative agency VERDINO uses Swat.io to communicate easily and clearly with customers. Nicole Scheiber explains which features are helpful in that.


Nina Vetsch is Online Marketing Manager at DACHCOM and responsible for social media. She explains how the agency handles social media marketing for its customers so that it’s fun for them, too.
Mona Joya Zucchini Lasagne Crop

Mona Naturprodukte

Mona Naturprodukte is a food company best known for its milk alternatives like "Joya". The social media team has found a perfect match in Swat.io for managing social media campaigns and community inquiries.

Swat.io Use Cases

One Tool - Many Ways to Use it

Swat.io's social media management tools offer numerous possibilities to simplify your daily work. With its extensive features, our product is an unbeatable productivity helper. 

In our success stories, existing customers answer our questions and share how they use Swat.io for more efficiency and improved workflows.

These use cases show you how different industries are leveraging Swat.io. Learn more about how they use Swat.io in practice!