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Remarkable Success Stories From our Customers

Stories written by Swat.io: Our customers share the problems and challenges they successfully solve with Swat.io.
Mediabrothers Content Community


Armin Rogl is managing partner at digital media agency Mediabrothers. His team uses Swat.io to perfectly collaborate when implementing social media campaigns for customers.
Social Media Auftritte Pure Encapsulations


Christina Zagorschak and Daniel Rebernegg are responsible for Social Media and Community Management at Promedico. They use Swat.io to radically simplify internal feedback processes and grow their social media community.
Rodenstock Office


Arlind Maurer is taking care of social media content creation and community management at Rodenstock. She is using well-curated content to bring a complex product to life and trusts in Swat.io when connecting different markets in the company’s social media efforts.
St. Gallen See

Canton of St. Gallen

Raouf Selmi is a multimedia producer and managing the social media channels for the Swiss canton St. Gallen. He uses Swat.io to keep on top of things, to maintain a clear editorial plan and to communicate with users.
Vier Pfoten Team


Lisa Brandstätter, Head of Digital Communications at FOUR PAWS, and her team are using Swat.io to raise awareness for important topics on social media and to answer users' requests in a structured way.

Swat.io Use Cases

One Tool - Many Ways to Use it

Swat.io's social media management tools offer numerous possibilities to simplify your daily work. With its extensive features, our product is an unbeatable productivity helper. 

In our success stories, existing customers answer our questions and share how they use Swat.io for more efficiency and improved workflows.

These use cases show you how different industries are leveraging Swat.io. Learn more about how they use Swat.io in practice!