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Social media marketing opens up numerous advertising opportunities for you. We’ll show you how to use them effectively to meet your business goals!


Advertising on Social Media

Paid advertising is possible on the vast majority of social media platforms. Depending on the platform, different campaign targets, ad formats and placements are possible.

Most platforms provide self-service tools for ad booking. Here, ads can be created and booked by the user without having to get in touch with a contact person of the respective social media platform. These tasks are usually handled by performance marketing managers.

There are many parallels between the various self-service tools. Those who are familiar with the Facebook ad manager, for example, will find their way around the LinkedIn or Pinterest tool more quickly. Nevertheless, channel-specific conditions must be taken into account. These include addressing target groups or ad formats.

Some tools also offer special types of advertising cooperations. This could be sponsored filters on Snapchat or sponsored trends on Twitter.

Requirements for ads on social media are constantly changing. If you want to keep up, you need to constantly educate yourself and test new trends. In this blog category, we'll give you some important advice on how to do this.