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Top 7 Funny Brand Interactions on Social Media

Humour is an essential component in brands’ interactions on social media.

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Nowadays, it’s very important for brands to interact with their customers via social media channels. This aspect is part of both their marketing strategies as well as their customer support approach. What adds value is the ability to allow two way conversations to deal with complaints or any other customer queries in the shortest amount of time.

There are also situations in which individuals contact brands via social media channels with the intention of ridiculing or making jokes at their expense. That’s when some of the funniest brand interactions take place.

Here are several examples of situations when customers and brands have fun on social media.


Mayor McCheese is the mayor of McDonaldland, the magical world seen in McDonald’s commercials. He has an enormous cheeseburger for a head. Mayor McCheese is the most corrupt politician in McDonaldland. Apparently, some customers are tired of seeing him mayor and ask McDonald’s to conduct an investigation into how the elections are organised.


Bank of America

BofA takes every customer complaint seriously and doesn’t hesitate to apologise whenever necessary.  We wonder, did they really send their ATM support team to remove the sandwich impediment?


Xbox 360 (Microsoft)

One of Xbox 360’s customers is not having the same amount of fun as he used to while playing BioShock and he can’t seem to figure out why. This particular brand interaction shows how important it is for brands to have a sense of fun and a non rigid attitude towards their customers’ queries, be they only funny remarks.



Oreo knows how to get a little flirtatious with its customers every now and then and they’re doing a pretty good job at showing that they care. Their tweets get widely shared across social media channels triggering an increase in brand loyalty.


Tesco Mobile

After a customer mentioned them in the following tweet, they managed to respond in memorable fashion.


On social media, smart brands are very wise and careful when interacting with customers. They pay particular attention to every comment because they know that their responses are there for the whole world to see.

There are also situations when customers’ comments can set the arena for brands interacting with each other. Are they as careful as when interacting with customers? Let’s have a closer look at two funny examples.

T-Mobile vs. AT&T

One of AT&T customers has just learned that T-Mobile provides unlimited global data roaming at no extra charge and decided to take it out on AT&T who still charges extra fees for overseas data. The result? Both companies joined the conversation and couldn’t resist commenting on each other’s weaknesses.


Oreo vs. KitKat

Kit Kat challenges Oreo to a game of tic-tac-toe to win the heart of a Twitter user after she confesses her love for both types of snack foods. Surprisingly, instead of actually playing the game, Oreo complimented Kit Kat by implying it was too good not to eat. Fans considered this brand interaction to be a hit.

funny_brand_interactions_Oreovs KitKAt


Brands need to regard humour as an integrated aspect of their brand identity and closely consider it as part of their marketing and branding strategies.

Using social media to carry out conversations with customers is one of the most meaningful ways for brands to enhance their online reputation. They can get closer to their customers by sprinkling some life and personality over their social interactions, especially since personal and enthusiastic responses are far more likely to be shared than branded messages. Furthermore, funny brand interactions are oftentimes covered on other sites, receive more likes, comments and retweets and therefore have the potential of reaching an even bigger audience.

By becoming more human and showing off their personality through sassy tweets (when appropriate), brands stand out of the crowd and have more chances of gaining new customers.

While humor is often regarded as being one of most effective ways to disperse awkward or tricky situations, brands should also learn how to master it with maximum care. It can also lead to disasters when overdone.

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