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10 Signs You’re Not Handling Social Media Effectively

How good are you at handling social media?

Nowadays, it’s extremely important to underline the relevance of proper social media management. History has shown that social media has led to surprising results: empires have risen from customers’ success stories, new stars were born, communities were built, new trends set and, not metaphorically, lives have been changed. Obviously, those results were not achieved by simply being a social media manager or user. They implied using the social media resources effectively. In simpler terms, this means that social networks have to be organized and planned in such a way that will save you important amounts of both time and money. In return, your saved reserves can be invested in other directions of your business.

If you want to find out whether you’re handling social media effectively, you can start by asking yourself a couple of questions and consider the following signs:

1. You don’t have a process or a social media strategy in place.

You’re just posting whatever sounds interesting but have no idea who is actually reading your posts. Furthermore, you don’t bother to measure anything and expect things to just work by themselves. At the end of the day, you are wondering: what did I do wrong? When in fact you have no clue of what you are doing.

2. You reply to customers’ comments in more than 24 hours/your responses to your costumers’ posts aren’t quick and personalised.

Well, this totally denotes poor handling of social media. When you create profiles on all channels and then practically ignore to check what your audience has to say about you. This is one of the most dangerous moves ever. It’s actually better to have 1-2 social media profiles that actually see personalised interactions than to have 5 profiles in complete chaos.


3. You don’t see much interaction, your content is not generating conversations.

You post content regularly but nothing actually happens. Either you’re not writing for the right audience or you’re not providing any valuable piece of information that can help them overcome the challenges. Handling social media is closely connected with writing great content. They both need to be top notch.

4. Your customers and competitors are active on platforms and you are missing out.

They have a strategy and a process in place while you only take second guesses. Their posts see interactions while your posts go by unnoticed. Keep an eye on your competitors to see what they’re up to. If you add them to a private list on Twitter, make sure you don’t follow them, because then they’ll know.

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5. Your content consists of shared messages/your definition of “original content” means sharing others’ content.

This happens when you literally have nothing to say but you just keep writing something for the sake of it. You know that everybody has a blog so you also need to have one. It doesn’t matter what’s it about. On social media, you never show off your personality by posting original content, that is why your audience simply doesn’t see you.

6. You delete or ignore negative feedback.

Do this one more time and you might be in for an online shitstorm. You know that, by the simple use of a hashtag, an impressive number of people can be reached within minutes and even seconds. If you’re not there at that particular moment, your brand might be severely damaged.

7. All social platforms are the same for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, your message sounds the same on every channel. That is just wrong! Each channel has a particular audience, specific best posting times and tone of voice. If you’re the same on every social media channel out there, you will inevitably be perceived as a spammer.

8. Your advertising in social media is aggressive and self-centered.

In other words, you use social media to promote your products and services. Not the best way to build long term relationships with an audience that is already fed up with advertising. You’re definitely not handling social media effectively if you can’t see beyond your door and into the home of your audience.


9. Your content is not visually appealing.

As humans, it’s in our nature to communicate visually. Images process quickly and people are drawn to them. Plus, if the images are captivating enough, you increase your chances of being seen among other people’s posts.

10. Your image about your audience is vague and imprecise.

You don’t have the profile of your buyer personas and have no clue who they are. As a consequence, you don’t know the needs of your audiences, its pain points and can’t provide them with ways of solving them.

Now that you’ve identified the signs of handling social media ineffectively, stay tuned for our next article to find out what the solutions are!

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