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Launch: Learn Everything About the New User Roles & Permissions!

Today I’m excited to give you a quick heads up about a recent change in the Swat.io Role & Permission system.  Since this release also includes some minor changes to the permissions of each role, I’d like to ask you to read this post carefully. If you’ve got any questions, you can reach us through support@swat.io.

Why are We Changing the Roles?

There are three reasons for changing our current role system.

1) Simplicity: Swat.io currently offers 6 different roles (Account owner, Team Lead, Team Member, External, Specialist, Spectator). Given the fact that some roles (Team Member vs. Lead) are almost identical and others (Account Owner) are granted only on a meta-level, there’s clear opportunity for removing complexity here.

2) Clarity: When we created and named the existing roles back in 2013, Swat.io was mostly used by agencies. The roles “External” and “Specialist” specifically matched this use case – but don’t make a lot of sense in the enterprise (non-agency) context. Therefore, we feel that the current naming of the roles is a bit confusing for new users.

3) Flexibility: We see a clear need for better distinction in regards of the various parts (Tickets, Calendar, Analytics) of Swat.io. F.e. some users should access tickets, while others might only need analytics etc.

For all these reasons we’re introducing a new role system…

When is the Change Happening?

…starting next Monday, June 20th. Please notice that we’ll be having a scheduled maintenance, which we’re going to announce separately in a few days.

What is Changing with this Release?

There are two parts to this change, which I’d ask you to consider. First, we’re merging and renaming the roles:

Team Lead & Team MemberFullWe’re merging “Team Lead” & “Team Member” to the single role “Full”. These roles have been almost identical before, except that “Leads” could also manage users & channels & client settings. This ability is now replaced with a separate “Setting” permission (see below).
ExternalAssigned FullWe’re renaming “External” to the more universal “Assigned Full”. The name reflects that these users have “Full access only to those tickets/posts that have been assigned to them” (they can however see all other tickets/posts).
SpecialistAssigned FeedbackWe’re renaming “Specialist” to the more universal “Assigned Feedback”. The name reflects that these users “Can give feedback only to tickets/posts that have been assigned to them” (they won’t even see other tickets/posts).
SpectatorRead OnlyWe’re renaming “Spectator” to the more universal “Read only”. The name reflects that these users have only “Full read access to all data in Swat.io”.

Now, we wouldn’t make these changes just for renaming, so now comes the good part! 🙂
With the new names we’ve also split up the role system for the various parts of Swat.io. This means a user can now have different roles in “Tickets”, “Calendar” and “Analytics”. In addition we’ve added “Setting” to express which users are allowed to manage users, channels and settings of a client. Have a look (click for large version):


Maybe you’ll wonder which permissions are covered by each role in detail. Good news is, we didn’t change a lot here (click for large version):

There have been very few crucial changes however which I want you to take care of:

  • “Assigned Full” now includes the permission to archive assigned tickets.
  • “Assigned Full” & “Read only” now includes the permission to export all tickets & posts.
  • “Assigned Full” now includes the permission to archive assigned tickets.

What Further Changes are Coming Up?

We’re confident that splitting up the roles for “Tickets”, “Calendar” & “Analytics” will greatly improve your flexibility when assigning permissions to team members. However, we won’t stop here! We’re already working on another extension, which will finally allow you to grant different permissions for each channel! Let’s say you want to have one team member manage your Facebook page while another member should be in charge of Twitter – this upcoming change will allow you to do exactly that! Stay tuned, we’re positive to roll out this change very soon.

That’s it for today – if you have any questions about the upcoming change in roles & permissions, don’t hesitate to contact support@swat.io or just comment below.

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